Pearl lft highA-low E IGL

Pearl lft highA-low E IGL

Pearl lft highA-low E IGL

Thread started by PEARL99 on Wednesday, 11:41pm August 21st with 14 replies. Views: 1,616


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11:41pm Aug 21st 19

lft again
Have tonnes of igling experience played finals a few time made ffyi with parallax last season
played faceit advanced when that was a thing
looking to grind with some gamers, i am good at bring the best out of my players when i IGL
Can play everynight except sat
add me on steam if interested or dm on twitter


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11:44pm Aug 21st 19

good igl and a nice guy. Can get the best out of people that he's playing with, bol


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11:45pm Aug 21st 19

best igl i've ever played under. can frag up at times. defs lpl-e lvl no less than a finals pls


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11:48pm Aug 21st 19

Definitely can play cge and god IGL BOL DAWG ,3


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11:51pm Aug 21st 19

sharp boi pick the kid up BOL


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11:51pm Aug 21st 19

Knows how to prosper a team. Sucks he had to step down due to personal reasons at the most important time. Has really good experience, knows how to lead a team. What he lacks in mechanical skill is heavily compensated with his IGL-ness BOL x


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11:51pm Aug 21st 19 - in reply to foggers's post

also is a cuck and has bad memes like synical retard


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12:31am Aug 22nd 19

Best igl, deserves LPL-E


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2:53am Aug 22nd 19

He's a Jack. Therefore, a god.


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9:18am Aug 22nd 19

sharpie bol


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12:21pm Aug 22nd 19

high a at the very least if you want your team to shred through finals and to eventually make cgm pick this nibba up =D


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3:05pm Aug 22nd 19

A true prodigy, give this man a team to work with and he will build them up into an all-star fragging machine


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3:48pm Aug 22nd 19

dont waste this guys time, will lead your team to ffyi+ bol


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7:00pm Aug 23rd 19

dedicated grinder give the man a good home


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11:06pm Aug 25th 19

This guy is dedicated and willing to put the time in for the benefit of the team.
Solid pick up for any High A team looking to make M