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King Servers Owner/Admin AzoraH/Proxima MULTIPLE VAC's and Cheating in Scrim

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3:44pm Sep 11th 19 - in reply to Mikasa's post


If you believe this user is still hacking and hasn't been banned please make a support ticket.

We'll be able to investigate and then determine an outcome, rather than openly discussing it on the forums.

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5:25pm Sep 16th 19

Mikasa, there are multiple types of anti-aim. There can be pitch up, randomising pitch, pitch zero, pitch down, all types. There are even spins that don't spin. A ragehack that includes anti-aim also does include a bodyaim if lethal setting so that if the aimbot misses for some unknown reason it's not likely to miss the headshot and cause in the spinbotter's death.

Here's the ragebot menu for Aimware, which includes a few of the settings I've mentioned.


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5:29pm Sep 16th 19

This includes the rest of the Aimware ragebot menu.


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5:33pm Sep 16th 19

And if someone's spinbotting you can see the single frame with their ragebot where the aim snaps to the head and kills.
Silent aim is only client side, whereas others would see it as a snap, the hacker doesn't even see their aim move to the person, the bullet just comes out at an odd angle and kills the person they're shooting at.

Not all spins have to be silent aim though. It's only an option.


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5:38pm Sep 16th 19

Nevermind, I properly read though the bodyshot section, you are semi-right on that. But still, anti-aim can be at any angle, and change angle sporadically if needed. As someone who's faffed around with cheats (much to my regret and disgust) almost two years ago, I sort of know what I'm talking about in this situation.