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TwoTapTony/Tony LFT

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8:01pm Oct 22nd 19 and edited 12:49am Oct 23rd 19

G'day lads, Tony here

Thought I'd give competitive CS a crack after a few meme teams here and there.
Looking for Mid/High LPL-O or Low LPL-A (Just something to build from and learn the game) willing to do trials for roles and that.

Pref Roles: Entry/Support but also willing to do what is needed
Availability: Mon-Sunday (7pm-Whenever) Might jump on casting MDL games here and there but will be more committed to prac/scrims if needed
Prev EXP: 3xLPL-O (GenU, Eclipse and Yeah the Boys) Never made it to finals though. Also Filled in for Liabilities during the Grand Finals of LPL AKROS Tournament 22/10/19

Hoping to learn and give LPL-O/A a good crack and improve.

My discord is :TwoTapTony#3027



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2:24pm Oct 23rd 19

good man, good man, good man. get him a teammmmm bol bol bol


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2:56pm Oct 23rd 19 - in reply to wja's post

my guy x


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12:00am Oct 24th 19

Great guy, always a top bloke to be around with a a great attitude. Bol Tony xoxo


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7:01pm Oct 24th 19 - in reply to 2sBs's post

Naw 2SBS thanks x