espionn LFT high m+

espionn LFT high m+

Thread started by espionn. on Saturday, 11:26pm October 26th with 2 replies. Views: 191


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11:26pm Oct 26th 19


looking for a good team.
been playing competitively for nearly 10 years, I know what I'm doing and expect you to as well.
can play any role

add me to discuss further


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2:43pm Nov 3rd 19

tasmanian ed sheeran wannabe this bloke but he subscribes to get tegsgamer lessons twice a week so the potential in this man is enormous

actual good bloke tho, sharp as, played together for years on years, should just make a team with me bby xx


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9:51pm Nov 3rd 19

Good looking guy, would recommend for any female between the ages of 12-17.