CGa Mid+ [Awper]

CGa Mid+ [Awper]

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2:30pm Sep 28th 19 and edited 2:43pm Sep 28th 19

I have decided to part ways with the Echo boys, I wish them the best and it was great developing with them all.

Alias: Fury.JameTime or Furynz

Age: 22

I would like to compete with a group of guys that are CGa mid/high, who want to grind to finals and beyond.

Main Awp

I am a grinder, if I join a team I commit and I work my ass off to become the best.
Good nade Knowledge and then also good at picking up nade knowledge when learning.
Aim is developing quite well, just working on being super consistent.
Love giving input to build/develop strats and work on improving as a team.
Love receiving warranted criticism that is aimed to develop my game.

I am opinionated but I will have a logical discussion if the person is willing.

A few clips to show you whats to come:

Previous LFT Thread:

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3:16pm Sep 28th 19

Such High Potential on this boy. He also a lil cutie as well, someone please trial him, he will never make your team worse. BOL MID-HIGH CGA


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3:27pm Sep 28th 19

Easy high CGA.


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5:10pm Sep 28th 19

easy high CGA player. would be silly not to pick him up


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9:14pm Sep 28th 19

+rep high cga


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9:40am Oct 1st 19

He’s sharp indeed. He’s actually a good guy but as he says he’s opinionated but that has no relevance in game. I think the advice he gives in game is helpful too, a needed asset in a team that wants to improve.

Bol, High A.


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6:41pm Nov 25th 19 - in reply to FuryNZ's post

Still looking, can trial tonight