Akros anti cheat issues

Akros anti cheat issues

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2:04pm Nov 28th 19

Hi there, been a while, hope you are all doing well.

So recently i was required to fill in for an official match which required the akros anti cheat so i went ahead and installed/downloaded it.

I Hit the download link, which then asked me if im ok to download the program, after the download it then took me straight to the set up window, from there i hit install and once installed it opened the anti cheat with the window saying its all protected and looked ready to go (the window with the two CT's that pops up). I then make sure the icon appears bottom right and hit to launch csgo, as i go to launch it pops up with an error message reading the following:

[ACC] ACC Error #10: Unable to load game module

This caused great fustration as it meant the team had to then get someone else to fill in for me even though i was their original fill in. Im not too sure if its something i did wrong (im pretty confident it might be though) or maybe its something to do with my system (I am using windows 7 still if that indicates something, with windows defender as the typical anti virus system).

Im not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue or if there's someone like an admin or a IT wizard that can possibly provide some potential issues to fix this?

Thanks in advance, from your dedicated bottom fragger



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9:25pm Nov 28th 19

Windows 7 is pretty outdated and I'm not sure a lot of people still use it. I'm not saying this is 100% the issue as I've never run the anticheat myself, but it's possible it could be a compatibility issue.


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11:42pm Mar 8th 20

[AAC] ACC Error #14: Unable to start user service does anyone know to fix it? program runs fine, then i try start cs go, it doesnt start and comes up with [AAC] ACC Error #14: Unable to start user service


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2:03pm Mar 9th 20

Anti cheat is dogshit, hopefully lpl will get it together.


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6:00pm Mar 9th 20

There's like a million errors and issues with it. Like I have recorded video of me launching my pc, installing akros, running akros then going into the game and being told "You need akros to join this server"


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9:01pm Mar 10th 20

PLEASE FIX THIS [AAC] ACC Error #14: Unable to start user service i have missed 4 games and growing depressed


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10:16pm Mar 10th 20

imagine buying a 4000 dollar pc to play lpl and you cant even play cause someone made a dud anti cheat PLEASE FIX THIS .....

[AAC] ACC Error #14: Unable to start user service


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7:28pm Mar 13th 20

we also missed a game due to error 14 , reinstalled it, disabled firewall, streamed the whole thing to like 10 people and no one could figure out how to fix it. would be happy to stream to an admin to prove it...


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4:44am Mar 15th 20

Hi everyone

Yes, the Akros team are aware of the bug and are working on a fix asap. Will let you know with any updates.

Many thanks,


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1:29pm Apr 9th 20 - in reply to SmEg's post

im still having the AAC Error #14 Unable to start user service. anyone know how to fix it or should i just kill myself? thanks for the help


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9:35pm Apr 14th 20 - in reply to SmEg's post

am i actually the only 1 having this problem anymore?