LFT cgo/a preferably sub

LFT cgo/a preferably sub

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Thread started by bazooka!^ on Thursday, 10:23pm December 25th with 40 replies. Views: 8,075


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1:36am Mar 10th 16

Good looking guy, would recommend for any female between the ages of 12-17.


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10:35pm Apr 22nd 16

Would make a good addition to a High CGo or a low CGa team.

Has a lot of potential with the right guidance.


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9:17pm Sep 3rd 16

Team Name 0%angles

Team History just started good skilled bunch of blokes looking for 1 more guy whos good at rifler/supporter

Team Status going to play cgo and faceit we have our own servers and ts
Lineup thebarnsy,sparton113,mystical walrus
1 guy trialling tomoz
3 subs

contact me with an add http://steamcommunity.com/id/officialmysticalwalrus/


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12:46pm Oct 22nd 16

damn this is old xD


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5:16pm Dec 7th 16



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10:49am Mar 26th 19

lft for next upcoming sydney lan


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7:11pm Jul 17th 19 - in reply to bazooka!^'s post


will be flying back into sydney in under 3 weeks, and keen to play for this upcoming season of cga and push into finals since i missed out on previous one ????

been around the cg forums back in the days’ hopefully some of you lads still remember me xD

give us a go aye



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6:27pm Jul 25th 19

sharp player and great guy!

quickz [$]

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3:54pm Jul 27th 19

Big boy baz was pre sharp when I played with him once upon a time ago..was easily playing @ a high A level then and would still be a great addition to any high CGa team now. Could sneak into CGm if given the opportunity with the right mix of players.
Best of luck zooka hope you find a team bigdog!! Love from quickzz*


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11:28pm Dec 9th 19

Looking to play some CS. Any level, played alot in the past. Will rifle, lurk or support, thanks


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8:56pm Dec 12th 19