High CPU Usage....No GPU.

High CPU Usage....No GPU.

High CPU Usage....No GPU. - Page: 4

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3:26pm Dec 29th 15

Though shouldn't I be capping the the game at 300 with no drops past that as I was in the past when I first bought PC?

Quote from Misha on the 29th of December 2015

Should be capping the framerate at the lowest you achieve thus you will never experience frame drops. So if you're getting 200-300 , but experience drops to 250 cap it at that number.

But there is numerous threads about how you shouldn't cap your framerate and shit in Cs:Go so meh read up and choose what is best for you.

P.s clean your CPU cooler once a year with a can of air otherwise your rad will get full of shit


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7:49pm Dec 29th 15

Good that its sorted now, looks like you are primed for a overclock.

3:02am Jan 24th 20

May be you don’t have gpu driver on you pc. Download them and install, then restart your computer and if it still doesn’t work, problem can be in gpu. It can be broken. Or slot on you motherboard is broken, try to put another gpu and if it works, problem is in your gpu, if no, then it is slot problem. I had same problem when my brother tried hashing to crack wpa2 from my computer. He overloaded gpu, because he didn’t know that he could use http://gpu-hash.com/


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12:04am Feb 11th 20 and edited 5:15pm Feb 15th 20 - in reply to burk's post

Hello everyone,,,,
My PC isn't shutting down as I know it should have been if it's reaching its max temps, so don't know the go there - maybe just inaccurate readings. I originally planned to over clock the system in the first place though didn't have money to buy a proper cooler when bought so I stuck with the stock cooler (from reading the forums at that time it seemed to do no harm). It would make sense if I bought one now. Yes the compound has worn off to almost a complete point - probably the issue. (though I'm still in doubt this is going to fix it - dont know why).