This site is dead. RIP CG 07-14'

This site is dead. RIP CG 07-14'

This site is dead. RIP CG 07-14' - Page: 2

Thread started by shadowxsm on Sunday, 6:38pm December 22nd with 24 replies. Views: 2,510


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12:13pm Apr 17th 20 - in reply to curlywurly's post

Its this rubbish completely dark style, cg has always had bad webdesign.


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7:35am Apr 20th 20 - in reply to snow's post

100% agree


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7:38am Apr 30th 20


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10:01pm May 4th 20 - in reply to r0bzke's post

i just got back onto this site after 5-6 years and its more CSGO


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12:28pm Jun 1st 20

I am alive can confirm


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12:30pm Jun 1st 20 - in reply to Nukleuz's post

Can confirm there are still a few people around we often get a game of cod4 going every night

if you'd like to join anyone is more then welcome


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11:39pm Jun 1st 20



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8:25pm Jun 4th 20 - in reply to CGS's post

Same, Came back to find no one is on it, was just wanting to do a game for fun but doesn't seem this site gets used anymore, did it get sold?


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2:22pm Jun 5th 20 - in reply to illuminattyy's post



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11:00pm Jun 22nd 20 - in reply to CGS's post

dont even know why this site exists...