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6:37pm Sep 23rd 20

Hello all,

Looking to get back into competitive counter strike. Have plenty of competitive experience from CSS days, played Main for one season and loads of seasons in amateur.

Came back to CSGO and have been looking for a solid team who want to improve and have basic knowledge of the game.

Age - 30 Location - SYD

Team Experience CSS -
ForbiddeN - PoM - Longie - Ze German - buGeh - macleod - stLn - CGA finals
Phalanx - Ryu - Kenz - Skitz - clickt - p00chy CGA FINALS
Coreplay - Versatile - anon - stLn - etc etc - 1 season of MAIN

CSGO - All teams played CGO but did not put in the effort to proceed further.
- gLoveslap.
- Faceless

- plenty of experience
- Can Rifle or Awp
- Great communication
- Can be on almost every night
- Takes constructive criticism as a way to improve
- Takes individual time to learn grenades, crossfires etc

- Takes a little while for me to gel into a new team and start playing my best with a bunch of blokes I have not played with before
- Have kids so sometimes a bit late, on by 7.30 most nights

Add me for a chat!


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3:44am Sep 27th 20

Top bloke, any cga team would gain from his experience and knowledge of the game.


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3:47pm Oct 6th 20