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Thread started by TheTruthBomb on Tuesday, 11:24am September 29th with 24 replies. Views: 3,057


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2:44pm Sep 29th 15

I think I worded it incorrectly.

Im surprised ESL didn't want their own casters there. Normally we see ESL import their own casters etc. And because of the large coverage/prizepool I assumed the money would be there.

And my comment about lack of local talent is more about the analyst area, considering we dont have a huge depth in that area. I would like to see some ex-pro or current from our scene try out analyst work as I think their is an opportunity for growth there (Remember iceman from CGP).


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2:52pm Sep 29th 15

ESL are using their own casters. This is run by ESL Australia, not global (afaik)


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2:53pm Sep 29th 15

ESL are using their own casters. This is run by ESL Australia, not global (afaik)

Quote from Pandan on the 29th of September 2015

Ah I thought this was run by ESL (The global body) this would make a lot more sense.


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6:00pm Sep 29th 15 and edited 6:11pm Sep 29th 15

Pretty much same lineup as ACL Melb except one new guy idk and no peanut gallery and karath @kmando y u do dis???


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6:21pm Sep 29th 15

ESL as a whole is sponsoring this event, thus the prize money, t1 teams and branding everywhere but they've given the responsibility of basically everything over to the ESL AU guys. Either way, this is great.

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9:45pm Nov 3rd 20

They may not be favorites, but they're all experienced. I thought most of you would have seen these guys at cgpl and other acl events by now?


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4:44am Nov 7th 20

The local hosts and commentators I feel are on par with most teams as far as skill level goes and potential.

8:40pm Mar 20th 21

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