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2:24pm Jan 25th 13

Lol thanks Langford I've had to doses of chemo and shit it makes you so crook

honey sugar bby

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3:20pm Jan 25th 13

stick at it bro, there's many sad cancer stories out there but many more unheard positive cancer stories
BOL again


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12:04am Feb 2nd 13

Yeah, my Uncle currently has Leukemia we found out about 2 months ago. It started in his lungs literally causing him to not be able to breath without a machine, they needed to test him to see which cancer it was but it was just progressing to fast and rapidly he had acute which is the worst one. (I think) so they went of the first results they got. And put him straight on chemo I couldn't stand to see my uncle well he was on chemo he was pretty much yellow and just made me feel so sick. after 1 week of chemo he was able to come home and live with us for a week, he went back to hospital today for another week of chemo but basically his bloods are perfect at the moment, and couldn't be better the doctor said. It's pretty much out of his system but they're still giving him chemo just in case. And not to mention he lost 30 kilos in 2 months.

And the chances of living cancer are much higher then years ago. So best of luck man.

Hopefully the chemo does its job and gets rid of all the unhealthy cells in your body


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7:24am Feb 3rd 13

I was reading an interesting paper in a science journal the other day about the research into the immunology side of things, promising stuff! Hopefully in a few years we will have a way to make the body recognize cancer cells as foreign and attack them.


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5:03am Apr 7th 21

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