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Why are you interested in Graphic Design?

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6:36pm Jun 21st 11

lol when i got my computer it already had photoshop on it and when i found out that all these sic designs ppl created was from photoshop i thought id give it a crack. i enjoy it cause to me its a challenge and the satisfaction of seeing my design/logos and sigs being used by teams makes me feel happy.


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7:21pm Jun 21st 11

I have always had a interest in art but i have never been able to express it in my own way or form. I never had the act for art at my school no matter what i did , I couldn't recreate what was in my head.

In year 9 i got my School laptops which had photo shop o it, I had seen many great designs from all sorts of forums. So after sitting down i had ago, At first i mucked around with the tools and loved what ever i could create :P
Near the end of 3 term in year 9 i lost all will and inspiration to do it. So i gave up and went back to being bored.

Then one day i thought i would much around with it again for old times. After having my inspiration re sparked i thought i would stick with it for a while until i got bored again or something else came my way to entertain me. After following a few tuts i got more and more interested in it.

At the moment im still on the road to learning but im hoping to go into graphics as a career. In year 11 and 12 im doing a 2 year tafe course for graphics which will help me evolve and learn new skills. Im hoping that i can prepare my self before year 11 and 12 by the people in section giving me helpful hints and tricks and telling me what not to and what to do.

Why i use the Cyber gamer forums well... I like to look and view and try to help up other people in the graphics section as best as i can, While putting up other work and getting Cnc off them, I rarely leave the gra[hics section unless a title catches my eye that i like :P

Thats all that i can think of at the moment


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2:38am Jun 22nd 11

It all started for my in final year of high school in Canada 2001, as part of a IT course I was doing to get onto the path to become a technician, and website design was part of the year. for the next 3 years I mainly only used Fireworks and Photoshop, to make the images used in the sites I was making, buttons, navigation etc.

But then in 2004 I started messing around modding cars in Photoshop for friends, and just as a lark, making them into real pimp looking things, I thought it was fun then. Then my job as a technician the companies I worked for needed more professional websites and used me and another tech as we had webdev experience, we saved the company some money and made a new site in-house . This involved making a new logo and by now more comprehensive graphics.

Then in 2006 I started gaming with clans and discovered the forums with sigs etc, and just loved what people were doing and started learning and wanting to develop my style of dark grunge. I have always been able to pencil draw fairly well and in 2009 I started to really try to develop it more on paper then transferring to PS.

I happened to chance on finding CG by making a banner for someone on here that had a Xippy website which is were one the clans I was in had their site hosted too, it was recommended that I come into the graphics design section, then found the awesome group of guys alot them the mods now seems and have come to be good mates, and to annoy Spaz. of course.


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5:17am Jun 10th 21

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