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11:41am May 4th 09

macbook :>


Quote from grumpy on the 4th of May 2009
I have to agree, macbooks are expensive, but if you're prepared to pay that much for a non-gaming pc, go for it.


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6:49pm May 4th 09

The basic basic macbook is like $1599. So i dont know if its worth it


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10:01pm May 4th 09

it is.

2.0ghz processor, 4-6hour battery life (on medium settings) 9400M graphics card (can play cod4/5 @ low - medium settings).

resell value is wonderful as well. and if you hate mac osx, just format with windows.


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10:01pm May 7th 09

For a normal laptop, what kind of processor should i look out for and what shouldnt i get?


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7:37am May 8th 09



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2:47am Nov 22nd 21

hello this is jootie g, I love PUBG games and many more heavy games, I love my new motherboard<a href=";"> motherboard </a> which is too much quick and very fast


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2:48am Nov 22nd 21 - in reply to jootie's post

hello this is jootie g , I love PUBG games and many more heavy games, especially on my new


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which is so quick and more intelligent