Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 Rules

Battalion 1944 Rules

1. Introduction
Please take time to read through these rules before you start playing on CyberGamer. These rules apply to all standard Battalion 1944 ladders within CyberGamer. These rules are set to explain the basic conduct that teams are expected to adhere to and also an action that will be taken by admins if any evidence comes to light of these rules being breached by a player or a team. We always try to ensure that the rules are complete and up to date, but this may not always be the case. All players are expected to be familiar with the rules and there is no excuse for not knowing them. All team leaders are expected to ensure that their players adhere to these rules. If a player breaks any of these rules, action may be taken against both - a player and a team. Not knowing the ladder rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.

2. Server settings
All standard CyberGamer ladder matches must be played using the latest version of the game which can be found here. CyberGamer doesn't support playing under illegal game executable files (cracked).

Server admins must set server settings according to the official ruleset of Battalion:

Teams are allowed to provide their own server, as long as it doesn't conflict with any other server rules. Proposed servers are never binding and are 'suggested' play locations only. Once a match starts on the suggested server, another team cannot claim 50/50 unless the server has serious ping issues or both teams agree that server does not fit to be used or a game server has major problems. Evidence must be taken of the serious disadvantage (preferably a screenshot with the full line-up and visible pings) caused by the server issues. Teams abusing the rule or failing to provide evidences for their claims will lose a match by forfeit or have their claims discarded. Unplayed matches will be cancelled if appropriate servers could not be found.

If all players ready-up, they indicate that they accept the following server settings:
[indent] • Ping
• Server config[/indent]
Additional commands and instructions about setting up your server can be found here.

3. Team and player settings
Any team registered on CyberGamer can participate in any ladder. Only players who are registered in a team on CyberGamer can play in ladder matches and they can only play with the name (or very similar) they registered in a roster of that team.

Teams may request another player to be used by an opponent before a match if their choice is violating any of the rules. If they cannot replace a player then a match is cancelled. All players must have their FPS set beetwen 40 and 200. Failure to do so will result in forfeit loss. Also, a team may claim a forfeit if their opponent uses a player who is an unregistered player, or uses a substitute who is breaking the rule above, or if a player changes their name into an unrecognisable one during a match.

If all players ready-up, they indicate that they accept the following player settings:
[indent] • Ping and their connection quality
• Ingame name
• If joined after the challenge is created, their ineligible status[/indent]
In the case of a team wishing to remove a player which happens to be the Founder / Captain, that player will be removed. At least three (3) other players within a team will need to contact an admin for an approval. The account belongs to a team, not a player.

4. Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC)
In all CyberGamer B44 matches EAC must be used. Each player is responsible for making sure they are running it during a match.

6. Before the match
If you still haven't managed to get in touch with your opponent 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time of a match, you can claim a noshow win. Report a match noshow by posting a clear comment on the match discussion (Public/Private) and tell why a match should be a noshow. A noshow win will result in a +10/-10 for the winner / loser.
Entering a match cancel is not possible, if both teams fail to enter a score, the match will be cancelled.

Entering a noshow is done as followed:
- Enter a 1 - 0 win for your team
- select the correct "Team XXX did not show to match"

7. Map list
The following maps can be played within the standard CyberGamer ladders:
Manorhouse v2
Map selection is based on veto.

8. Match rules
The lower ranked team chooses the which side to start on.

Each map has a roundlimit of 24. You may not leave a match until one team has reached 13 rounds in total or unless teams have drawn at 12 rounds each. Teams that have won may leave a server if they wish to. In case of the winning team leaving, the remaining rounds will be added to the losers score.

9. During the match
Once a match has started, its result counts, unless both sides agree it shouldn't. Ping, lag issues or incorrect server settings are no excuse for leaving - you should have checked a server before you started playing. If one team walks away from a match, the score at a time when their last player quits can be considered to be the result of a match if a team that didn't leave was leading. If the leaving team was winning but the losing team could have still won the match, CyberGamer will change it to the advantage of a team that didn't leave.

10. After the match
Either team can enter the result of a match, unless the other has already done so.
A match result can be:
[indent]• The real score of the match
• Forfeit win (1-0)[/indent]
Once one team has entered a result, four things can happen:
[indent]• Different score is submitted by the other team
• The score is accepted by the other team and the ladder ratings are adjusted accordingly
• The other team refuses to accept the score, making it a match dispute
• Both teams do nothing for 12 hours after which the score is accepted automatically[/indent]
Entering a fake score is not allowed, if we see any teams who are constantly violating this rule they will be appropriately punished. In case of a rule violation, it's strictly forbidden to fill in any other score besides forfeit win (1-0). Any matches which are deemed to be fake will result in a match being cancelled and actions may be taken against players who have organized it. Team leaders are expected to have some evidence of their match being played for one week after the score has been confirmed.

You must ensure that you either enter the correct result or dispute a match as soon as possible, because once a match has been closed/completed it can be reopened only for following reasons:
[indent]• Cheater, or RWB played in it. In this case, you will need to provide screenshot of cmd.getplayerstats from match in question.
• Wrong score was entered and match got autoaccepted. In this case, you will need to provide screenshots of the match scoreboard.[/indent] Note: Only admins can cancel a match, teams can't enter it manually. If match is older than 30 days, it won't be reopened.

11. Full Steam ID
Full Steam IDs are to be checked by both teams and must be the same as in the roster. Full Steam IDs need to match 100% to one registered on their CyberGamer account. It is up to teams to take a screenshot of cmd.getplayerstats before a match ends.

If a player is not listed on team's roster or a player's Full Steam ID is incorrect or missing, then a player is considered inelegible and thus a forfeit win may be claimed. Equally, if a player is stated as inelegible to play on team's roster then a forfeit win may be claimed. Forfeits will only be awarded against five (5) players that were present in a match, also you will need to provide evidence (cmd.getplayerstats) of who played. Player with Steam profile banned on EAC is considered a cheater and is not allowed to play in any CyberGamer matches.

Players can update their Steam ID by going to their profile page and clicking Update Steam ID under Game IDs section.

Failing to follow these rules will lead to a direct forfeit loss for a team. Player in question will be punished according to Match Ban Policy.

12. Screenshots
Screenshots are used as the main evidence to prove the match score and admins will need them to confirm the score. If teams enter different results, an admin will request scoreboard screenshots of both maps. If no screenshots are uploaded within 48 hours of request, a match will be cancelled.

13. Match disputes
The match dispute system functions as a court room with CyberGamer admins acting as judges. A match dispute can be made when the result entered by one team is not accepted by the other.
If you can't resolve a conflict with your opponent then try entering the appropriate match result first.

In dispute both sides must explain the problem in a short but clear and complete way. Both sides may mention only relevant and proven facts. This should be posted in the Dispute discussion. Failure to make a clear match dispute will lead to a dispute loss. The match score can be either real score f.e. 21-19 or forfeit win 1-0, in case an opponent violated the rules of any other chapters.

All evidences and information on a match should be provided in English and written in the Dispute discussion. However, admins can also use informations found in the Public/Private discussion. Examples of valid evidence are demos, in-game screenshots and server logs that were obtained from a neutral party. Private logs from IRC, MSN etc. or server logs provided by either team will not be considered to be an evidence because they can be easily falsified. We will only accept evidences if you provide them in a proper way. We won't accept anything where the file provider requests any input from our side or has any unnecessary limitations (for example Rapidshare or 4shared), in other words, an evidence must be accessible directly. Use free image hosting sites like Lightshot (Imgur), Tinypic or Photobucket. You may use other hosts, but make sure images can be viewed public and internationally. Also, be sure to save a copy of an image somewhere, in case a host removes it.

Falsifying evidence in a match dispute will result in a Match Ban determined by an admin.
Making pointless disputes or forcing a team in a pointless dispute can be punished with a ban.

If both teams violated the ladder rules in a way that would award them both a forfeit loss, the match will be cancelled. Such closure of the dispute does not mean proven individual cheating will go unhandled, such cases can be reported to admins by a support ticket in order to punish a player(s).

It is strictly forbidden to contact any admin in private to defend your case. Anything you have to say must be said openly. Trying to influence an admin in private will lead to a dispute loss.
Match disputes are never urgent and an admin will typically let at least 72 hours to go by before looking at a case to give both sides a chance to explain their case and provide all evidences. Wait patiently until a decision is made. Only when a dispute is older than two weeks, you can open a support ticket regarding it. If a dispute involves watching demos, you should wait at least one month before opening a ticket.
Match disputes will be judged according to the ladder rules at a time of a match and by the match rules agreed upon in a challenge. Admins' decision is final.

Teams/players who repeatedly make disputes will be suspended, if they have no foundation in the rules or they are clearly made for the sole purpose of complicating the match process. Teams/players who repeatedly violate the ladder rules and force other teams into making disputes will also be suspended according to our Match Ban Policy.

14. Cheating, abuse and racism
The following applies to all CyberGamer ladders. The installation of any public or private cheat is strictly forbidden and will lead to a Match Ban as seen fit by CyberGamer. Any cheating during a match will result in a forfeit loss. It is strictly forbidden to promote any type of cheats. Such cases will always be considered abuse and rigorous measures will be taken against these players.

Players that have been banned by CyberGamer are not allowed to participate in any of the CyberGamer matches. If both teams cheated and/or used a banned player, match will be cancelled. Matches may be edited to a cancellation, forfeit loss, or a real match score, depending on the ladder rules and nature of the problem. A forfeit loss is the standard punishment for all violations.

Players who are found playing with cheaters or RWBs in three or more matches, during one month period will be banned according to our Match Ban Policy. Knowingly playing with a cheater and or RWB is never allowed and in extreme cases, admins will handle this case by case.

A strike or a ban will be given to any player found to be abusing another team/player. A second offense will result in a more substantial ban. Racism is strictly forbidden and may result in an instant match ban.

15. In-game bugs and limitations
All programs or files, either changed game files or new files that change the game or add to its functionality or which interact with the game in any way, are strictly forbidden unless rules specifically allow them. Using any third party software (e.g. nVidia Control Panel or RivaTuner) to tweak graphics settings to give an advantage are not allowed. The most common example of this is the ambient occlusion. Modified versions of game's resource files are always forbidden, regardless of what they do. The use of above leads to a forfeit loss and could lead to a removal and appropriate bans which are defined in our Match Ban Policy.

Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed, even if they can be used and operated simultaneously with the game. Voice communication programs are examples of such programs.

Any types of scripts (that includes macros) proven to give a real advantage or are part of not allowed binds/scripts below will not be tolerated and will result in a forfeit loss. Config settings that give a distinct advantage over an opponent may be deemed config abuse and can lead to a forfeit loss depending on severity of claim. Continued abuse of scripts can lead to a ban.

The bomb can be planted to any location as long as it stays visible and defusable. Planting bomb inside objects or places which can't be reached with legitimate routs will lead to the loss of a round.

Players are allowed to jump to special places (including "trickjumping") which can be reached without any additional aid (example another player or explosives), as long as it doesn't violate the bug abuse rule (example exploiting 2-way mirror walls).

16. Miscellaneous rules
Before each game can start, a server admin always has to make sure that both teams are ready. If one member of a team says that their team is ready, they are considered to speak for the whole team, regardless of their status in a team.

Once a match begins it cannot be cancelled, only restarted if both teams agree. If a game was started without the agreement of one of teams, that team can demand that the game is restarted as long as at least one of their members remain in the spawning area.

Substituting a player during a match is allowed (timeout to avoid issues). If a new player has not showed up after 5 minutes, an opposing team can demand that a match starts without them (also see the rule regarding kicking players).

If a server crashes during a game, you must replay a round in which a crash occured. If a match is 3 rounds or less in, then a map has to be restarted. In all other cases, map may not be restarted.

Spectating during an official match is not allowed. When spectators that are not allowed to join a server enter a match, a match should be paused and spectators must leave before a match may continue.

It is not allowed to kick players from the opposing team, doing so will result in a default loss of a match. If a game is in ready-up and a player's connection dropped the following things can happen:
[indent] • A substitute arrives in his place during the allowed time, the line-up is complete, a player waiting to drop out can be removed freely.
• Ready-up time is over: since a player waiting to drop out can not ready-up, they can be removed freely. (Regardless if a substitute is present or not)[/indent]
17. The rating system
CyberGamer ladders use ELO rating system known from chess. Every team starts with a rating of 1400 points. After each match, points are added or subtracted based on whether the outcome of a match was a win, a loss or a draw (the score has no importance).
How many points you gain after a win or lose after a defeat depends on the rating difference between you and your opponent before a match.

18. Addittional
If the ladder rules for a specific ladder conflicts with these global ladder rules, then the specific rules have precedence. The proper functioning of the ladder system depends on the sportsmanship of the participating teams. We expect everybody to play by the rules, but also to be flexible when circumstances require it and to be reasonable when an opponent has problems beyond their control.

Impersonating either an admin or another player is an offense. Any evidence of this can and will lead to a match ban which will be determined by CyberGamer. CyberGamer reserves the right to broadcast every match. This can be done with online game broadcast tools for spectating purposes. The recording of such broadcasts can't be refused by the teams.

CyberGamer reserves the right to modify this ruleset at any time without notice.

Last update: 15th February, 2018