Call of Duty 1

Call of Duty 1 Rules

Call of Duty 1 Rules

AntiCheat Information

All GUIDs banned on are banned from playing on CyberGamer. Additionally all in-house bans for users on this page are banned.


* Matches are 5v5.
* All players must demo their match, you do this by bringing down the console (~ key) and typing /record.
* If asked to provide your demo after the match by a Ladder Administrator and you do not have one, you face a 1 match ban and the possibility your team will forfeit the match, depending on the circumstances.
* Both teams have FIFTEEN minutes from the match start time to have a minimum of FOUR of their own players in the server. However, teams are welcome to leave once one side has won the match (once they reach 13 rounds), if they choose to do so, the team that leaves first will forfeit all of the remaining rounds. Teams are encouraged to play out matches. Teams are allowed to substitute players through the match, provided they quickly join their team. If a team drops to 3 players during the match, they have a maximum of 5 minutes to get a 4th player back in or they will forfeit all of the remaining rounds of the match. If a side has less then 4 players at the 15 minute mark then the match should not go ahead, the team with less then 4 players forfeits, however if both sides agree to play the match with less than the minimum required players then the match result will stand. If you start the match, the result will stand, you cannot try to forfeit a team afterwards...

* During halftime (including halftime during overtime) teams have a maximum of 5 minutes to ready up. This also applies to the starting time of each overtime.
* Unsportsmanlike behavior will be punished at the discretion of the ladder administrator.
* If at any time a player drops out and your team has 3 or less players, you have 5 minutes to get a minimum of 4 players back in the server, otherwise your team forfeits.
* Vert glitching is not allowed, doing so results in the forfeit of the round in question. Vert glitching is where a player prones, then crouches for a split second and shoots, then prones again. When doing this you can hardly be seen. If you believe the other team vert glitched, bring it up after the match.
* Matches are two 10 round halves, in the event of a draw overtime consists of two 3 round halves until a winner is found, as such no match can end up being a draw.
* There are no referees in CyberGamer matches, the only spectators that are allowed in matches are Gamestah Shoutcasters, who have the right to shoutcast any match they choose.
* A Players added to your team roster are only allowed to play in the current match if it has not been accepted yet, provided the player has not played in another CyberGamer match for another team in the current week (a week starts on a Sunday). So you can only play for one team between any Sunday->Thursday. Meaning if you play for one team on Sunday, and another on Thursday, you are breaking the rules.

Anti Cheat

* The CyberGamer Anti-Cheat Team is called upon to decide the outcome of any glitching or hacking accusation.
* If a player is found to have hacked, they receive a permanent ban from all CyberGamer matches. If it was a CyberGamer match that they hacked in, their team receives a 24-0 forfeit for the match in question.
* Glitching such as 'Vert Glitching' results in the loss of the round(s) in question.


Open Only Rules

* Open matches are not required to be played out, while teams are welcome to play them out if they wish. If you do leave early, please agree on the score first.

Open Only Ladder Software Information

* You can only challenge a team half your rank or four places higher than yourself, whichever is greater.
* When defending a challenge you have 2 days to accept a time for the match, otherwise you will forfeit the match.
* Matches can only be played on Monday-Thursdays, challenges cannot be made on the weekend.
* After a match, each team must submit the result or select to dispute by 11:30pmAEST the night of the match, after this the results will be calculated and teams will become challengeable or 'protected'.