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GUID: 10adb8f2
Full GUID: 0438f58150114f73fb1af6aa10adb8f2
Location: AU Anonymous Proxy
Alias: thetez
CG User: terrorv2
Seen:once, 21st Dec 2008 to 21st Dec 2008
Played:11 Minutes

Aliases Used

thetez 11m

Seen in Servers

AU CM 2| CGo - SUPERCLAN vs Australian Vengeanc...
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1:49am 21/12/08AUAnonymous Proxy
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pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU SPTError 6a09a6a2 10
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU terror -=V=- eee2d101 10
pc sof Soldier of Fortune 2 AU ^Qterror -=^QV=- c19c31c7 10
pc cod UNKNOWN GAME AU terror 312e39de 10