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GUID: 453f4160
Full GUID: 4aad0f4fada653599f2ac3c5453f4160
Location: AU Australia, Queensland - Kingston
Alias: abcSwifty
CG User: Swiftyv2
Seen:5 times, 21st Nov 2008 to 8th Dec 2008
Played:45 Minutes

Aliases Used

abcSwifty 46m

Seen in Servers

AU Promod CyberGamer.com.au #3 mypromod.com
26m AU Promod CyberGamer CoD PUG 20 - mp_asylum my...
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
10:54pm 8/12/08AUAustralia, Queensland - Kingston
12:50pm 25/11/08AUAustralia, Queensland - Kingston
9:37pm 21/11/08AUAustralia, Queensland - Kingston
9:23pm 21/11/08AUAustralia, Queensland - Kingston
12:43am 21/11/08AUAustralia, Queensland - Kingston
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pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU rZn Swifty 702ee4db 75
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