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GUID: f2b734e7
Full GUID: 56d5755148f275c05be7a56af2b734e7
Location: AU Australia, South Australia - Adelaide
Alias: VooDooMaGiK
CG User: VooDooOld
Seen:3 times, 21st Nov 2008 to 25th Jan 2009
Played:26 Minutes

Aliases Used

VooDooMaGiK 22m rFx?VooDoo 5m

Seen in Servers

AU Promod CyberGamer CoD PUG No. 25 - mp_hanga...
22m AU CM 2| CGo - SUPERCLAN vs Australian Vengeanc...
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
10:34pm 25/1/09AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
10:04pm 21/11/08AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
9:44pm 21/11/08AUAustralia, South Australia - Adelaide
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pc css Counter-Strike Source AU wanCs`VooDoo STEAM_0:0:16980376 10
pc cod UNKNOWN GAME AU badMan 78d39eeb 10
pc cod4 Call of Duty 4 AU [0kSt]-VooDoo be5c5ae0 10