Black Ops

Black Ops Rules

Black Ops Rules


The ladder will work like any other CGo ladder with the following changes
All members MUST know their ladder rules before competing.

Matches stop once a team has won 16 rounds. However you may play out if you wish.
Not ALL maps are allowed. Array, Cracked, Launch and Nuketown have been disabled.
15-15 means overtime, voting is enabled so teams should be able to sort themselves out.

The challenging team always attacks first.

CyberGamer Call of Duty:Black Ops Competition INFORMATION

  • All matches are played in a 5v5 format.
  • All CG servers will run on kProMod48 (with season 4 updates added in)
  • Matches consist of THIRTY rounds (two FIFTEEN round halves). In the event of a draw, overtime is to be played, consisting of SIX rounds (two THREE round halves) until a winner is found. Players should call a vote to restart the map; play 3 rounds; restart the map and then play the remaining three rounds. Teams will start overtime on the same side they started the match (Challenger on attack, Defender on defence). Thus, no match will result in a draw.
  • The bomb timer is set at FORTY-FIVE seconds, bomb planting time: FIVE seconds, bomb defusing time: SEVEN seconds.
  • Any silent plants or defuses will have their round overturned if used in a CG match, If there is multiple times this occurs the match will be forfeited.
  • The round timer is set at ONE MINUTE AND FORTY FIVE seconds

CyberGamer Call of Duty: Black Ops Competition RULES

All players must record a demo of their matches. To do this: open console (~ key), type /record and press ENTER. *Hint*- make sure you have a demo folder in steam/steamapps/common/callofdutyblackops .

If you disconnect from a server, you must record again, and save the demo under a different name to your original demo. If your demo is requested and you do not submit your demo to within 48 hours, you will get a 7 day match ban from ALL Cybergamer ladders. If you only have a partial demo, you may still be banned by an admin if they think it is not enough time to determine whether you were doing anything illegal. If you repeat offend not uploading your demo, you will recieve a much longer ban. A member not handing in a recording could cost you your match.

You must keep the demos of your matches for at least a month.

All players are urged to use their CyberGamer account name or a name similar to, however misleading/different names used by opponents (unless in direct conflict with another player’s name) is not justification for a match dispute. If uncertain of a player’s identity, ask for their CyberGamer name. Playing a player that is not on your roster will result in a forfeiture of the match. Teams are strongly urged to keep their rosters up to date.

Smurfing in a match (playing for a team that you arent in the roster for) will result in you being banned for 1 week and the match result will be overturned. This includes creating multiple alias accounts. On the second offence you will be banned for 2 weeks. 3rd etc offences will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If a player is going to be playing from a different physical location (Different IP Address), this player will need to have strict permission from a Ladder Administrator to do so. Otherwise the team will receive an instant automatic forfeit from their match and the player(s) will be banned for smurfing.

Not turning up - We continue to see instances where teams do not turn up to a match for whatever reason, but then enter a scoreline in their favour. Then of course the team that did turn up does the same in their favour, and as a result the match goes in to dispute. Teams that do this will see themselves dropped down or from the ladder for time wasting. If you do not turn up to the match, it's not great, but it's not a crime, just enter the 1-0 to the opposition, and move on to the next game.

Both teams have FIFTEEN minutes from the match start time to have a minimum of FOUR of their own players in the server. However, teams are welcome to leave once one side has won the match. Teams are allowed to substitute players through the match, provided they quickly join their team. If a team drops to 3 players during the match, they have a maximum of 5 minutes to get a 4th player back in or they will forfeit all of the remaining rounds of the match. If a side has less than 4 players at the 15 minute mark then the match should not go ahead, the team with less than 4 players forfeits, however if both sides agree to play the match with less than the minimum required players then the match result will stand. If you start the match, the result will stand, you cannot try to forfeit a team afterwards. Make it clear to the other team if you do not wish to play BEFORE the first round starts.

If you both agree to play a match then you can't try to forfeit for something that you should have forfeited for at the beginning of the match... don’t waste peoples time.

When all players are ready, you must indicate that you are ready to go, and ask the other team and call vote to restart the game.

Dead rounds
A team may call a dead round using the in-game menu to do so (Promod Game Options). This will give you a 100 second window in which you fix whatever issue caused you to call a dead round in the first place. Dead rounds are limited to 1 per team, and the mod will enforce this. If a team calls a second dead in a single match without the other team agreeing, then that round will go to the other team.

During half-time (including half-time of overtime), all players have a maximum of FIVE minutes to be on ready mode. This also applies to the starting time of each overtime sessions.
Failure to produce a demo at the request of a ladder administrator after a match can warrant a 7 day match ban for the player and/or forfeiture of the result, even if it is up to a month after the match date. Only in exceptional circumstances are these penalties modified.

Do not talk excessively in global chat in-game, especially when you are asked by the other team. Being abusive will lead to a forfeit of the match at the ladder administrator's discretion.

Using the mousewheel to shoot is considered illegal.

The use of binds to rapidly switch cl_maxpackets between 30 and 100 (or similar) to gain an unfair advantage is considered illegal.

Glitching and scripting are considered illegal and unfair and will result in the loss of any rounds where they are used. Glitching by definition: where a player is in a position that allows him to see his opponent however his opponent cannot see him. Another example of glitching is jumping to a point where you are standing on ‘nothing’ in order to get to a non-standard spot (examples of this are Wide B summit, and any inside corner with 250fps). Any bind that has a "wait" command in it is going to be considered "scripting". A player or team caught engaging in these activities will be penalized a forfeiture of the round in which they engaged the illegal activity as a minimum. Having the illegal bind in your config will also result in potential ban for a period of time as determined by a ladder admin. This includes using 3rd party programs and drivers to replicate wait binds.

Any silent plants or defuses will have their round overturned if used in a CG match, If there is multiple times this occurs the match will be forfeited.

No tool or software is allowed to be used to significantly modify the way the game is rendered, this is considered illegal. This rule includes tweaks such as modifying the Level Of Detail (LOD) settings through driver software. If you have any doubt whether a setting is legal or not, be sure to contact an admin to verify. Not knowing if a graphical setting is illegal or not will not be a valid excuse. If such illegal settings are used, the match will be overturned and the player(s) in question will receive a ban for a period of time as determined by a ladder admin.

There are no referees in CyberGamer matches. Permitted spectators are the admin team, the AC team (at the discretion of an admin), and Shoutcasters who have been given the right to shoutcast the match by an admin.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with at the discretion of a ladder administrator.

Making false/useless disputes will be dealt with at the discretion of a ladder administrator.

All players should have less than 150 Ping. If 3 of your players have more than this, then you forfeit the match, unless the other team specifically allows the match to go ahead.

Exploits used to unfairly gain an advantage during matches will be dealt win by the discretion of the administrator. Example of one such exploit it the silent plant/defuse.

To be eligible to play in the match, each player needs to have been added to your team roster BEFORE the match has been accepted. Players added after the match has been accepted will appear as "Not eligible" on your team page.

Secondly, players added to your team roster are only allowed to play in the match provided the player has not played in another CyberGamer match for another team in the current week (a week starts on a Sunday). So you can only play for one team between any Sunday->Saturday. Meaning if you play for one team on Sunday, and another on Thursday, you are breaking the rules.

A ladder administrator may request a player or team's demo at any time, whether or not a dispute has been put forward. Not complying with administrator's request can be grounds for a temporary ban against the player in question or a forfeiture of the match, depending on the circumstances.

Inappropriate Team Names or Player names will see your team removed from the ladder, a warning will usually be issued first.

The dispute process is not an enigma, but there is basic etiquette that allows the admin to do their job, and also means everyone gets to get through the dispute in a decent timeframe. If you wish to raise a dispute about a match, feel free to do so, but please keep in mind that when you do so basic information is required, as well as evidence.

Dispute Behaviour
Disputes are not conversations threads, or time for an attempt at a moderated argument between teams. State your dispute case, provide your evidence, and let us do the rest - there is no need for engaging the opposition team or abusing them because you disagree with the reasons for the dispute. Instead of abusing the other team when a dispute is recorded against your match, please either provide an explanation, or adhere to admin requests - there is no need to abuse the other team for whatever reason. There will be bans given to any who time waste in disputes, and these will be global match bans.

Finally, leave the admining to us - We've been doing it for a while now as a CoD admin team, and have plenty of experience and people to get opinions from.... we don't need yours.

Demo Provision

Typically if there is a dispute, then ALL players are likely to have their demos requested - please be prepared for this, and upload them to the link provided above ( not to Rapidshare, the general CG files section or to your mate's FTP, website or other ). All players are required to do this, and not until we see all demos received will we take further action on a dispute - so do not ask us to hurry the dispute along. If you are requested to upload a demo you need to upload it ASAP if this is not done within 48 hours, then you will receive a CG Global Match ban - if you can't meet this timeline, or a player has not recorded a demo tell the admins in the dispute thread so we are aware, and not waiting on final players to upload. Demos are a mandatory requirement for any match, and thus team captains need to follow up their team. All demo parts must be uploaded also (either as a zip or under the multiple options as available).

CyberGamer Call of Duty: Black Ops Open Ladder - Software Information/Rules

  • A team can only challenge an opponent half their own rank or four places higher than themselves, whichever is greater. For example: a team ranked 38th can challenge up to a team that is ranked 19th.
  • Upon receiving a notice of challenge, the team has TWO days to accept a time and date provided by the challenger for the match, otherwise it is deemed that the defendant has forfeited.
  • If a team successfully defends their position, the ladder automatically grants a *protected* status for FORTY-EIGHT hours, awarding immunity from challenges!
  • Challenging and winning will leave you with a 12 hour protected status.
  • If you lose a "Challenging" match you will become "vulnerable" for FORTY-EIGHT hours where you will be unable to challenge.
  • If you lose a "Defending" match you will become "vulnerable" for TWELVE hours where you will be unable to challenge.
  • If you do not accept a challenge or you decline the challenge you will become "vulnerable" for FORTY-EIGHT hours where you will be unable to challenge.
  • Following a match, it is crucial that each team must submit the result or select to dispute the match by 11:30PM AEST/AEDST on the night of the match. Subsequently, the submitted results will be calculated and the teams will be granted either *challengeable* or *protected* statuses. Disputes can be handled among the two teams; otherwise a ladder administrator takes appropriate action.
  • A team may not play the same team in two successive matches - 7 days after the first match the ladder will allow you to challenge them again.