Clash Royale

For 3v3, teams need to update their match times once a week (can be found in their team settings page)

You need to set at least 6 of the green timeslots alongside any other time you can play. The green timeslots indicate the most common available times. This is so people get assigned matches instead of doing 5pm and 10:30pm timeslots alone.

The system automatically assigns your matches with similar elo, and coinciding times based on the match times both teams have set up, so please check the website often for new matches!


ANZ 3v3 Clash Royale 2020 Monthly 4 Finals (Season 1)

PC LIVE 4v4 Comp 72 players

72 players from 14 teams played at least one match across all divisions this season.

 Open Finals
Prizes status:
1st500.00PAIDAvant Gaming GoldPrize money has been equally split between: Piripic, Kiwi Klasher, gdh65, Kevo, New FB User 1967
2nd300.00PAIDZidjet EsportsPrize money has been assigned to: Mizz
3rd100.00PAIDTrident EsportsPrize money has been manually assigned by an admin (JawsOCE).
4th100.00PAIDExpansion NZPrize money has been manually assigned by an admin (JawsOCE).