Clash Royale

This event is for Australian and New Zealand players only. Any players from outside countries will be removed and potentially face a ban. Any players caught with multiple accounts will face a ban and reversal of any of their wins. All players that win money in the Clash events will checked thoroughly to ensure they have not broken any of these rules. If found to be in breach they will have all winnings stripped and receive a permanent ban.

ANZ 3v3 Clash Royale 2020 Monthly 4 Finals (Season 6)

PC LIVE 3v3 Comp 49 players

49 players from 12 teams played at least one match across all divisions this season.

 Open Finals
Prizes status:
1st150.00PAIDTeam WhitePrize money has been manually assigned by an admin (JawsOCE).
2nd100.00PAIDTeam SKPPrize money has been equally split between: pndragn, MrKiller, SnowyCR
3rd50.00TBATeam RedPrize splitting arrangement not finalized.
4th-PAIDTeam GreenPrize money has been manually assigned by an admin (JawsOCE).
5th-TBATeam BluePrize splitting arrangement not finalized.
6th-TBATeam GoldPrize splitting arrangement not finalized.
7th-TBAYour MatePrize splitting arrangement not finalized.
8th-TBATeam GoldPrize splitting arrangement not finalized.
 Season StandingsWL
#1Team Green 40
#2Team Blue 41
#3Team White 31
#4Team SKP 21
#5Your Mate 43
#6Team Gold 14
#7Buff the Hound 00
#8AL Fantasy 00