Clash Royale

Clash Royale Rules

Clash Royale Rules


  • LPL Staff assumes that each participant who enter a tournament is aware of all the rules and checks them periodically . Insufficient knowledge of the rules can not be used as an excuse for breaking the rules.
  • A player can only create one account. Selling, renting, trading or receiving compensation in any way, shape or form is forbidden.
  • Every participant who breaks a rule, will be punished. The exact way of punishment will be decided by the Admin involved. Examples of punishments are: 3-0 loss, replay, penalty points, leaving the tournament early, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.
  • Players are expected to play minimum 1 game a week.
  • Gamers who participate are required to play with the Gamer ID they have specified.
  • The Gamer ID which is being used has to equal to the Gamer ID shown on the roster. If another account is going to be used, submit this to an Admin BEFORE the tournament has started.
  • Every participant is required to join the discord to access the Clash Royale chat. This can be used for admin help or contacting other players.
  • Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.
  • Complaining about losing a game incorrectly after a match can not be taken into account in the final outcome of a match. If there are reasons to suspect that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to the admin before your opponent has taken benefit of the problem. ( The beginning of the game. )

2.0.Ladder Rules
  • The player who plays ' home ' is responsible for starting a match.
  • Both opponents are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game.
  • If both players are ready and started the game it is not allowed to hold extra breaks that are not allowed in game.
  • Each player is required to take at least one photo of the score. This photo should contain: the score, the names and a time stamp. Please keep these on hand for at least 24 hours to ensure any protest of your match can be settled.

2.1 Eligible players
  • Each player must have a valid LetsPlay.Live (LPL) account with out any match bans for Clash Royale. If you do not have an account you can create one here
  • Only players from Australia and New Zealand are eligible to play in the LPL Clash Royale ladder.
  • Players must have a valid Clash Royale account, and must have their account linked to their LPL account (Profile> Settings> Game IDs>Clash Royale IGN)

2.2. No Shows
  • Each player has 15 minutes from the designated match start time to build a deck and enter the match.
  • Players who have not entered the match after 15 minutes will be given a forfeit loss.
  • Players who consecutively no show risk being removed from the ladder.

2.3. Match Disputes
  • Teams have 1 hour after their match is completed to dispute the match. This can be done via the match page.
  • When making a dispute, screenshots or other supporting documentation must be supplied
  • Failure to provide evidence may result in the score standing
  • Disputes are not accepted for disputes which should have occurred prior to the match starting. eg an ineligible player is playing.

2.4. Forfeits
  • Players have 15 minutes from the scheduled match time to start the match. After 15 minutes teams are able to set the match as a forfeit win.

2.5 3v3 Match Settings
  • Partaking players will start with Level 9 Towers. This is standard in Friendly Battles.
  • The linked players start a friendly match. They must first be friends with each other in order to start a friendly match.
  • The players play best-of-3, so at least two matches.
  • The player who has won twice will advance to the next round

2.1. Bans
  • There are no cards banned during this event.

2.2. Game Version
  • Your game must be updated to the latest live version.

2.3. Match Restarts
Match restarts can only happen under the following circumstances.
  • A player fails to load in.
  • The Clash Royale server goes down mid match.

2.4. Elo settings
  • The Clash Royale ladder is an elo based ladder.
  • Players must update their available match times in their team profiles. The system will then auto assign you matches with other players based on your availability, team settings and elo.