CS:GO 2019: Season 3: Challenger

CS:GO 2019: Season 3: Challenger

Please ensure you are now recording your POV demos. MOSS is no longer a requirement.

CS:GO 2019: Season 3

PC LIVE 5v5 Comp 1515 players

League with custom rules.

All players require an active subscription subscription during all matches.
Group 1: Round 1
Sunday 5:00pm August 18th to Saturday 11:00pm August 24th
Monday Moment vs MC ESPORTS8:00pm 22/8/19View
PC419 vs Conformity8:00pm 22/8/19View
Massive Gooses vs Downfall7:00pm 20/8/19View
MAKO vs Fury Australia9:00pm 20/8/19View
Group 1: Round 2
Sunday 5:00pm August 25th to Saturday 11:00pm August 31st
MC ESPORTS vs PC4199:00pm Monday August 26th
Downfall vs Monday Moment9:00pm Tuesday August 27th
Conformity vs Fury Australia7:00pm Monday August 26th
Massive Gooses vs MAKO9:00pm Tuesday August 27th
Group 1: Round 3
Sunday 5:00pm September 1st to Saturday 11:00pm September 7th
MC ESPORTS vs Downfall9:00pm Monday September 2nd
Fury Australia vs PC4197:00pm Monday September 2nd
Monday Moment vs MAKO9:00pm Tuesday September 3rd
Conformity vs Massive Gooses7:00pm Tuesday September 3rd
Group 1: Round 4
Sunday 5:00pm September 8th to Saturday 11:00pm September 14th
Fury Australia vs MC ESPORTSTBA
MAKO vs DownfallTBA
PC419 vs Massive GoosesTBA
Monday Moment vs ConformityTBA
Group 1: Round 5
Sunday 5:00pm September 15th to Saturday 11:00pm September 21st
Massive Gooses vs Fury AustraliaTBA
Downfall vs ConformityTBA
PC419 vs Monday MomentTBA
Group 1: Round 6
Sunday 5:00pm September 22nd to Saturday 11:00pm September 28th
MC ESPORTS vs Massive GoosesTBA
Conformity vs MAKOTBA
Fury Australia vs Monday MomentTBA
Downfall vs PC419TBA
Group 1: Round 7
Sunday 5:00pm September 29th to Saturday 11:00pm October 5th
MC ESPORTS vs ConformityTBA
Monday Moment vs Massive GoosesTBA
Fury Australia vs DownfallTBA