Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Rules

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Rules

By competing on this ladder, you agree to follow all rules set out below and any additional instructions provided by the LetsPlay.Live(LPL) CSGO team. If you have any questions, problems, queries or concerns then please contact an Admin by putting in a Support Ticket using the Support Ticket System.

All rulesets must be read in conjunction with the Master Ruleset. This can be found here

CSGO Ruleset

These rules apply to all LetsPlay.Live (LPL) CSGO matches, events and competitions.


League announcement: refers to the forum thread in which the specific league is first announced / season specific rules are announced

Match: an automatically created static page which designates two teams playing each other, at a certain time, on a certain map, on a certain server.

User: may refer to a LPL CSGO player or forum user, not necessarily one who will actually use the site or not.

Roster: the players attached to a LPL CSGO team

Anti-Cheat Policy clairifications

LPL CS:GO takes a different stance to VAC bans as the other ladders. If you receive a VAC ban for CS:GO the following will occur under our zero tolerance policy.:

* A 12 month match ban from competing in any CS:GO events
* In the event a player is competing in a league (and has played a match) the following will occur:
Invite Divisions (Pro, Challenger, Evolution)
1. If the player is listed as a core member (having played majority of matches), the team will be disqualified with all results removed.
2. If the player is listed as a substitution or was a new addition to the roster, any match they competed in will be overturned.
Open and Amateur Divisions
1. Any match they competed in will be overturned.

Note: The above may be applied to Overwatch bans as Overwatch bans now show on a users profile. LPL also reserves the right to apply the above rules to players banned by other leagues including but not limited to ESEA, Faceit, Mogul and ESL.

1 - Team Information

1.1 - Team Rosters
1.1.1 - Substitutes
1.2 - Roster Changes
1.3 - Roster Locks
1.4 - Relegation and Inject System
1.5 - Final Veto Systems

2 - Player Responsibilities

2.1 - Akros Anti-Cheat

3 - Game Play Requirements

3.1 - Information
3.2 - Voice Communication
3.3 - Global Chat
3.4 - Player Dropouts / Connections
3.5 - Match Pausing
3.6 - Player Substitutions
3.7 - Users Leaving Early
3.8 - Choosing Teams

4 - Match Environment

4.1 - Models / Skins
4.2 - Graphical Settings
4.3 - Sprites
4.4 - Outside Applications

5 - Exploits

5.1 - Map Exploits
5.2 - Illegal Boosting
5.3 - Illegal Bomb Plants
5.4 - Illegal Defuses
5.5 - Cheats / Hacking

6 - Server and player crashes

6.1 - Server Setup
6.2 - Server Crashes
6.3 - Player dropouts
6.4 - Server Problems

7 - Choosing Teams

7.1 - Teams (Open)

8 - Coaches and Managers
8.1 - Coaches (All)
8.2 - Managers (All)

9 - LPL Admin Restrictions

10 - Changelog

1 - Team Information

1.1 - Team Rosters

LPL CSGO requires all teams to have at least five players on their team roster. Users may not compete on behalf of a team which they are not on the roster of (also known as smurfing).

LPL requires team captains to set a 'Core 5' of their team before the end of registration via the function implemented on LPL team pages (failing to do will result in termination from the league). A minimum of three of the five core users are required to play the season which includes each and every game. Changes (excluding removal) to the core during the season will not be permitted.

Players who are brought in after the removal of a core member do not take that users core status, instead they will be counted as a substitute and will need to be made core in the next season of play.

In order to retain a spot within a specific division you will need three of the give core users you have selected the season prior, failure to do so with result in a removal from the competition.

LPL requests each team contains six players for their roster, however the minimum is five. Rosters will have a limit of eight users for all LPL CSGO league matches. Failing to play a scheduled match without at least four users will be penalised with a forfeit or as the LPL CSGO team deems necessary.

This does not apply to LPL Open. For the Open Ladder you can only use players that are currently registered for LPL and those who are eligible to play on your roster. There is no limit on the maximum amount of players for team rosters on the ladder.

Breaking this rule will result in all matches being overturned where the breaches occured. After consecutive overturns, harsher penalties may apply.

1.1.1 - Substitutes

Each team is allowed up to 3 substitutes on their roster.

Pro, Challenger & Evolution all LPL substitutes will not need to pay a subscription fee as all teams will have paid an entry fee. This does not apply for Amateur, if you are playing under an amateur team you will need to have an active subscription.

1.2 - Roster Changes

PRO & CHALLENGER & EVOLUTION DIVISIONS* LPL CSGO teams will require to play with their core 3 in every game. They are allowed additional substitutes along with the core 3.

AMATEUR DIVISION * LPL CSGO teams are allowed to make unlimited roster changes as long as they have the core 3 playing at all times, If a team is found to be playing without their core 3 then penalties will be applied.

The ineligible status DOES NOT apply to the paid leagues unless a player joins after the match start time or rosters are locked (please see the schedules for specific roster lock dates). Teams who add a player in a non LPL Open league are not required to seek permission for them to play.

A user can only be added during the season from a league of equivalent or lower division. A player may not be added from a higher division to a lower division in the same season once they have completed a game. Changing divisions through different seasons is acceptable. Players are only able to change one team per season.

This does not apply to LPL Open. Open will remain you can add players to your roster whenever, however if in a match will be ineligible to play that game.

Breaking this rule will result in a one season match ban including a removal from the competition.

1.3 - Roster Locks

Roster locks will be enforced for the season, only during unlock periods will users be able to join a LPL team. Roster unlocks for division will be specified in each season league announcement. Users will not be able to be added in the two weeks before the commencement of finals, without strict admin permission.

Breaking this rule will result in a team removal from the competition.

1.4 - Finals Tie-breaker System

2 team tie-breaker will result in head-to-head (whoever won within the season)
3 team tie-breaker will result in head-to-head, if not applicable move on to maps for/against (maps won and lost within the season, if not applicable move on to rounds for/against (rounds won and lost within the season)
4 team tie-breaker will result in head-to-head, if not applicable move on to maps for/against (maps won and lost within the season, if not applicable move on to rounds for/against (rounds won and lost within the season)

If you need further clarification please message an admin.

2 - Player Responsibilities

2.1 Akros Anti-cheat

All users in every LPL league, in every LPL match, must use Akros Anti-Cheat in their matches. Failure to do so will cause you to be unable to join the server and play the match.

Find out more about Akros Anti-Cheat here:
To download Akros Anti-Cheat, please click here:

To use the Akros Anti-Cheat, follow the steps:
1. Download the file.
2. Click keep rather than discard in your browser as it may auto block it.
3. Open file as administrator.
4. Click run anyway on windows defender.
5. Wait 10-20 seconds for it to appear on bottom right of your screen.
6. Launch CSGO after this process (not before).

LPL advises that all players test the anti-cheat before the match. We have a server currently set up. Contact a CS:GO admin on discord prior to your match and we will generate one for you.

If your AC is working fine then you will have no problems joining, if you are unable to join please try again or contact an admin.

3 - Game-play Requirements

3.1 - Information

LPL CSGO matches must be played with the MR15 ruleset in the event of MR15 overtime, MR3 rounds will be played until a winner is determined. A match is completed when a winner is determined. All matches must be played out. Overtime is to be played for all divisions.

A6: MR15 Ruleset

Two fifteen round halves.
First to sixteen rounds wins.
Fifteen / Fifteen round tie results in MR3 Overtime

A7: MR3 Ruleset
Two three round halves
First to four rounds
Three / Three round tie results in MR3 Overtime until a winner is decided

3.2 - Voice Communication

Players participating in LPL Pro and Challenger leagues are required to communicate via discord calls on the LPL Community Discord or TeamSpeak3 channels on the LPL TeamSpeak3 server during matches. This is so we can further monitor communication and ensure the integrity of the league. Failure to comply with this rule will cause a delay in match start and potentially a forfeit as per rule 6.3.

Alongside this, coaches will be monitored and team voice communications will be recorded. For LAN events, coaches are only permitted to talk during their teams tactical timeouts.

3.3 - Global Chat

N.B.: MM1 = Global Chat and MM2 = Team Private Chat

Teams can use global chat (MM1) while dead or alive during a live match for constructive purposes (i.e. communicating to LPL CSGO match official or other team concerning an issue). Misuse of MM1 chat is not allowed. MM2 chat is allowed at any time.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a week player match ban.

3.4 - Player Connections

Player connections are solely the responsibility of the individual. Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server, then the match is either cancelled or postponed upon team agreement. This can be verified by posting in the match details page team chat.

Once a match has gone live (i.e. 'Live on Three' has occurred), should a team drop to three users in the server they have three minutes from the moment the player leaves the server to get a fourth player back. If the fourth player or substitute player making up the fourth player, has not entered the match within the three minutes, the team forfeits the match. Any teams dropping to two or one users during the match period has a total of one round to get the minimum amount of users back in (see rule 6.10 Match Pausing). Any problems arising due to connection issues are the sole responsibility of the users

All users must have less then one hundred and fifty milliseconds (150ms) of ping time to the server . If three of your users have more than 150ms then the match may be rescheduled to a later date or server changed upon contact to an LPL CSGO administrator. Once a match has started, the server will not be changed without explicit direction from a LPL CSGO administrator.

Administrators reserve the right to eject any player from a server or overturn a match result if their connection has a serious impact on the game, it is your sole responsibility to make sure your connection is acceptable to the server, congestion is not an acceptable reason for warping or lagging.

3.5 - Match Pausing

LPL matches may be paused for technical reasons once per half, per team. Players may use their pause for any technical reason and have a maximum of five (5) minutes pause time per half. This includes overtime halves. Additional pauses are purely at the discretion of the opposing team.

Teams are also granted FOUR (4) tactical timeouts, each with a THIRTY (30) second duration. Tactical timeouts can be called via the menu by pressing escape -> Call a Vote -> Tactical Timeout. More than one tactical timeout can be used in one freezetime. Overtime will not grant any additional tactical pauses.

Misuse of the pause system is strictly forbidden.

Breaking this rule will be reviewed by an administrator, penalties may include but are not limited to round loss, player bans and/or a match overturn depending on the severity.

3.6 - Player Substitutions

Teams are allowed to make substitutions of their eligible players at any stage of the match. The player coming in must wait until the player he is replacing has left the server, having more than five players (excluding coaches) in a server at any time is strictly forbidden.

If a player swap is deemed malicious (ie; a player joins and sits in spectator before joining his/her team) the match may be overturned depending on severity.

Breaking this rule may result in a one week player match ban.

3.7 - Users Leaving Early

All users are expected to remain in the server until the conclusion of the final round of the match. If an entire team leaves the server prior to conclusion of the match, any remaining rounds will be forfeited, including the current unfinished round.

If teams wish to lodge a dispute over the fairness of a game due to either server lag / roster issues / potential cheaters they must remain in the game and lodged the dispute afterwards.

Breaking this rule will result in disqualification of the match, as well as possible removal from the competition.

3.8 - Choosing Teams / Maps

Teams in leagues will be using a VETO system to decide maps and knifing for sides. VETO for BO3 leagues is done through the LPL match page, prior to the start of the game. The two following VETO systems listed are used for bo1 and bo3. Please check which one applies to the division you have entered. Refer to your season announcement thread for VETO and Map rotation rules.
Veto System best of one

Knife to decide team A or B (winner picks)
Team A removes one of the 7 maps
Team B removes one of the 6 remaining maps
Team A removes one of the 5 remaining maps
Team B removes one of the 4 remaining maps
Team A picks the map to be played

Once the map is decided, teams will re-knife for side.

Veto System best of three

Home and Away are team A or B respectively
Team A removes one of the 7 maps
Team B removes one of the 6 remaining maps
Team A picks one of the 5 remaining maps
Team B picks one of the 4 remaining maps
Team A removes one of the 3 remaining maps
Team B removes one of the 2 remaining maps
Remaining map will be played last if needed.

Once the map is decided, teams will re-knife for side.

Administrators reserve the right to restart the veto process for whatever reason if they deem necessary.
This does not apply to open. Please refer to 7.1 for deciding teams.

4 - Match Environment

4.1 - Models / Skins

All agent skins are banned from competitive play. You must use the default terrorist and counter-terrorist skin.

When players are made aware of another player using a player skin that isn't default, they are required to let those players know the moment it is discovered before the start of the official match (while players are joining the server, warmup or the knife round), giving the player a chance to change it and continue playing the game.

Players are required to take a screenshot/image of any players using a player model in-game (if possible) as well as the scoreboard showcasing the round of which the player model was found. In order to change player models mid game, players will need to disconnect from the server, change the model and reconnect.

If the player refuses to change the skin, then teams may lodge a dispute. However if the player does change the skin, or it is only discovered after the match concluded, or it was discovered but no one made any requests to have the player change the skin, teams are not eligible to dispute the game.

4.2 - Graphical Settings

If a player is found using any 3rd party/other applications/opengl32 files which alter the graphics in any way, it will result in the appropriate punishment from the LPL administration team.

Breaking this rule will be considered a cheating offence (refer to section 5.5).

4.3 - Sprites

All users are required to use default sprites and materials (users, maps, smoke, weapons, and crosshairs). If any player or team is caught using non-standard sprite during a league match or event, it will be considered an infringement of LPL rules and will result in the appropriate punishment from the LLPL administration team.

Breaking this rule will result in a category 3 Anti-Cheat policy punishment.

4.4 - Outside Applications

Using outside applications to manipulate, change or alter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gaming environment is a major offence. This will result in the immediate suspension/ban of a player and/or team and will be considered a cheating violation. users caught running 3rd party applications that alter the gaming environment will be subjected to LPLAnti-Cheat policy. This will most likely lead to an extended or sometimes permanent ban from all LPL events (refer to section 5.5).

5 - Exploits

5.1 - Map Exploits

The use of any exploits or map glitches is strictly forbidden. The LPL administration team determines the following as either a map exploit or glitch: jumping to or standing on invisible (or unreasonably tiny) ledges, walls, or rooftops, throwing bugged flash-bangs and clipping (section 8.2). The use of such exploits will lead to the appropriate punishment from the LPL administration panel.

Examples can be found below.

Breaking this rule will result in a category 3 Anti-Cheat policy punishment.

5.2 - Illegal Boosting

Boosting one user to an intended spot created by the map maker is allowed and encouraged by LPL. However, any form of projectile boosting such as flash-boosting, or any boost which results in clipping at anytime during its process is not allowed.

Breaking this rule will result in a category 3 Anti-Cheat policy punishment.

5.3 - Illegal Bomb Plants

It is illegal to plant the bomb in places where it is impossible to defuse the bomb. This includes places where an entity will block the bomb or interrupt defuse attempts. Other illegal bomb plants include:
* Floating Bomb Plant - The bomb must be planted on a flat surface, physically touching the ground or an intended entity within the bombsites specified plant zone. It is not acceptable to plant the bomb on an object that can be moved or manipulated within the games The LPL administration team will determine if a situation falls into the category of an illegal bomb plant.

Breaking this rule will result in a category 3 Anti-Cheat policy punishment.

5.4 - Illegal Defuses

At least half of the bomb must be in view to be considered a legal defuse. It is illegal to complete a defuse through any solid object or entity if less than half of the bomb can be seen by the defuser.

Breaking this rule will result in a category 3 Anti-Cheat policy punishment.

5.5 - Cheats / Hacking

N.B.: Cheats / Hacking includes any unauthorised manipulation of: server configurations and server variables, client configurations and client variables, models, skins, entities, textures, weapon, sounds, or anything else that subverts the LPL CSGO Rules. Hacking includes but is not limited to: wall hacks, aim bots / auto aimers, speed hacks, ESP, or any other third party program which alters the game in a way that the game developer did not intend for.

Cheating/Hacking is not allowed and will result in a removal/ban from LPL matches / events. A list of policies can be found here:

6 - Server and player crashes

6.1 - Server Setup

All LPL sanctioned matches must be played on a server provided by the LPL network. Any scores or details of a match played outside the jurisdiction of LPL are void to LPL. LPL CSGO servers are automatically setup ten to fifteen minutes prior to a scheduled match time. If the server is not up five minutes prior to your match time, users must immediately contact a LPL CSGO administrator (refer to site-wide rules for correct contact procedure). Exemptions can be made at administrator discretion.

Note: Requesting support in a team's private message chat is unacceptable as a form of communication.

6.2 - Server crashes

In the event that the server crashes while the game is live, If the game is within the first 4 rounds the game is then relived, resetting the scores back to 0-0. In the event that the server crashes when 4 or more rounds have been played out, the score resumes from the round the server crashed, with both teams getting a starting cash of 10k.

6.3 - Player dropouts

In the event that a player times out/crashes, the game may be paused by either team during the next freezetime (THE GAME MUST NOT BE PAUSED MID-ROUND) refer to 3.4. Each team is allowed 1 pause per half for a maximum of 5 minutes. Half restarts will not occur unless both teams agree.

6.4 - Server Problems

Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server (e.g. lag) and a LPL CSGO administrator acknowledges this, then the match may be paused, cancelled, rescheduled or continued. If there is no referee in game then both teams must agree that there is widespread connection problems (screenshot agreement), and both captains must agree to dispute the match. If an admin is present or called to the match, they have the right to restart the match provided it was within the first four rounds of play or if outside the first four rounds, reload the round when the issue occurred if they believe the problem has had a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

LPL requests that users attempt to play out their game for as long as possible before the widespread connection problems affect the game - if the problems persist, then file a dispute as stated.

If both teams do not agree that there are widespread connection issue at play, then the match is to played out and teams may dispute post-match. The LPL administration team will review all relevant evidence to determine whether or not there was significant widespread connection issues. Rescheduling of matches will be done so through the communication of both team captains in regards to their availability - matches for leagues must be played as soon as possible.

7 - Choosing Teams

7.1 - Teams

At the start of each match, teams will play through a process of a knives only round, with the team that wins getting the first pick. If a team runs away to avoid being killed before the time runs out the chasing team wins the knife round. If neither team intentionally does not complete the knives only round, the teams/sides will be picked randomly via admin discretion.

8 Coaches and Managers

8.1 - Coaches

The use of coaches in PRO, Challenger and Evolution leagues is allowed, coaches are not allowed to play within matches unless an admin allows it. Coaches should be assigned the "Coach" role in the team settings. Coaches are not allowed to have a suspended account.

Coaches are not permitted in Open or Amateur.

8.2 - Managers

The use of managers in all leagues is allowed, managers are not allowed to play within matches unless an admin allows it. Managers should be assigned the "Manager" role in the team settings. Managers have the same responsibilities and abilities as team captains (3.6, 3.6). Managers are not allowed to have a suspended account.

9 - LPL Admin Restrictions

LPL admins reserves the right to add or make changes to any rule necessary to keep matches fair. Teams are advised to make sure they know the LPL ruleset. Administrators have the final say in any and all decisions and their decision may supersede this ruleset in cases where they feel the rules do not arrive at the best possible outcome. If you feel you have received an unfair ruling, please lodge a formal complaint in the form of a support ticket.

LPL admins may not compete in any division or tournament. This includes ODC's, FFYI's, Open, Amateur, Evolution, Challenger and Pro.

10 - Changelog:
13/05/2021: Added 3.5 Discord Requirements, Added 6.2 Voice Communication
3/11/2020: Change of 7.1 (Agent skins)
27/10/2020: Clarified 11.1.
15/10/2020: Clarified 3.4.
14/12/2020: Added Default under 6.3.
14/08/2020: Added 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.9, Editing of 4.6, 4.7, 7.1.
12/05/2020: Reworded Mutiny for more clarity.
30/04/2020: Added 4.8 Relegations and Inject System
28/04/2020: Clarified Mutiny rule.
26/01/2020: Complete update - 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and parts before 1.
8/01/2020: Added 4.7 Retaining Division Spots.
4/11/2019: Roster changes/rules changed for different divisions.
20/08/2019: Removed MOSS requirements, added demo requirements, added new admin restriction, amended dispute process.
21/05/2019: Added new anti-cheat rules, changed terms to LPL, modified Anti-cheat policy amendments, removed demo requirements, added coach and manager rules, removed redundant info/rules, updated dispute process, added admin restriction.
9/03/2019: Complete ruleset updated
14/08/2017: 6.10 Match Pausing updated to include Tactical Timeouts.
22/03/2016: Clarified an easily misinterpreted wording of rule 4.2
01/03/2016: Added clause to VETO section allowing admins to restart veto if they deem necessary.

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