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STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:9156863
Location: AU Australia, New South Wales - Earlwood
Alias: dysi
CG User: dysi
Seen:19 times, 17th Nov 2008 to 27th Mar 2013
Played:12 Hours 37 Minutes
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Full ID76561197978579455

Aliases Used

GLG dysi 4h RAGE dysi <3 2h RAGE dys_- 1.5h
dysi 1.5h GLG PUT ME UP 55m dysi TBWC 55m
dysi, the king of cowboys 30m dysi_- 28m DYS 26m
EZ $$ N1GHTM4R3 #commonwealth 21m ad Dysfunct!oN <3 chuck norris 5m

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AU 2.5h AU 2h
AU 2h AU CSS #18
AU CGo - Phalanx vs MasterMind
57m AU CG Booking - fumoojuice
AU 28m AU CG Booking - M00segAzm prec
AU 23m AU CGo - Bashing Services vs defiance
AU 21m AU 21m
AU CSS #20
5m CS:S
AU CGo - frostbyte.dc vs enjoY

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dysi7:22pm 23/2/16
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10:50pm 27/3/13AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
8:40pm 22/2/12AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
4:07pm 4/12/11AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
1:32pm 4/12/11AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
12:47pm 4/12/11AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
2:32pm 28/8/11AUAustralia, New South Wales - Sydney
11:00pm 28/12/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
8:22pm 28/12/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
10:22pm 15/12/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
9:20pm 12/12/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
9:04pm 14/11/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
10:55pm 4/11/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
10:08pm 31/10/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
9:44pm 17/10/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
10:40pm 13/9/10AUAustralia, New South Wales - Earlwood
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