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STEAM ID: STEAM_1:1:77884419
Location: NZ New Zealand, Auckland - Auckland
Alias: LooMz2g1b*
CG User: LooMz1H
Seen:8 times, 12th Feb 2015 to 9th Oct 2021
Played:3 Hours 35 Minutes
Steam Profile: +}LMZ+}
Full ID76561198116034567

Aliases Used

LOOMZAJ * iPLAY eK 2h LooMz2g1b* 46m LMZ-_- 46m
kareN-_- 5m

Seen in Servers

AU CG: New server - ID: 15
2h CA Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CA CyberGamer | Match Server | PES
36m CA LPL | Match Server | PES
CA CyberGamer | Match Server | PES
5m CA CyberGamer | Match Server | PES
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
8:36pm 9/10/21NZNew Zealand, Auckland - Auckland
8:19pm 9/10/21NZNew Zealand, Auckland - Auckland
8:10pm 8/9/21NZNew Zealand, Auckland - Auckland
7:07pm 14/12/16NZ (NZ), Auckland - Auckland
10:26pm 9/12/16NZ (NZ), Auckland - Auckland
7:50pm 9/12/16NZ (NZ), Auckland - Auckland
5:27pm 8/12/16NZ (NZ), Auckland - Auckland
10:20pm 12/2/15NZNew Zealand, Wellington - Wellington
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