Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Rules

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Rules

CTR PlayStation Friendlies June/July Ruleset v1

Last updated: 25/06/2019

All players must read and follow LPL’s terms of operations at

1.1. Eligible Players
-All players must have a valid LPL account. If you do not have an account you can create one here.
-All players must have registered onto the ladder.
-Only players residing in New Zealand are eligible to play in the LPL CTR Playstation Plus Friendlies ladder.
-All players must have a valid PSN account linked to their LPL account (make sure you are logged in, then navigate to: Main Menu > Settings > Game IDs > PSN ID.
-Players must ensure they have performed any and all game and console updates prior to match start time.

1.2. No Shows
-Players who have not entered the in-game lobby after the match start time will be given a forfeit loss for the first map and will not be awarded any points.
-Players that missed out on the first map may join lobby for the second map.

1.3. Match Disputes
-Players have 1 hour after their match is completed to dispute the match. This can be done via the match page.
-When making a dispute, screenshots or other supporting documentation must be supplied.
-Failure to provide evidence will result in the score standing.
-Dispute are not accepted for disputes which should have occurred prior to the match starting, eg an ineligible player is playing.

1.4. Disconnects and Reconnects
-Players who disconnect during a race will be given last place points for that map and can reconnect for subsequent races at no penalty.
-Players should utilise the match page to communicate with their Lobby Captain in the event of disconnects between races.
-Lobby Captains must check the match page for player communications between races in the event of player disconnect.

1.5. Format
The tournament will be played in two phases:
-Four (4) week online leaderboard
-Grand Final

Each Wednesday, each player will compete in three (3) races of three (3) laps each:
-Players will be assigned a random lobby of 8 players.
-Each Lobby will be randomly assigned a Lobby Captain (and back-up Lobby Captain, in case of an event where the first assigned is unavailable or unable).
-All players are responsible for visiting the Lobby Captain’s LPL profile to find their PSN username and adding them as a friend at least thirty (30) minutes prior to race time (easiest way to find a player’s profile is to search the player’s username using the website’s search function).
-Lobby Captains will be in charge of hosting the three (3) races for the night. All players in a lobby must add the Lobby Captain as a PlayStation friend to join the night’s races.
-Lobby Captain will be in charge of ensuring the required race settings are input as per ruleset, players will then be able to join their captain's race lobby.
-Players must capture the results screen for every race they complete (either via Share button or using a camera or phone to capture the screen, as long as all text is legible in the image).
-Players are responsible for reporting/uploading their individual race results to the correct match page and will be assigned leaderboard points weekly based on their placements.
-For the Grand Final, the top seven (7) racers as determined by leaderboard points across the four (4) week online tournament plus one (1) ZM Wildcard racer will compete in a five (5) race Grand Final to determine final tournament standings.

1.6. In-Game Lobby Settings
-Players per race: Eight (8)
-Mode: Online
-Three (3) races/tracks per week of qualifying (Three (3) laps per race/track), Five (5) races for Grand Final (laps and tracks for finals TBA)
-Characters: Player choice
-Race Car: Player choice
-Difficulty: Medium
-Preferred Boost Bar: Nitro Fueled
-Nitro wheels: On

-Week One 10/7/2019: Coco Park, Cortex Castle, Clockwork Wumpa
-Week Two 17/7/2019: Dingo’s Canyon, Dragon Mines, Deep Sea Driving
-Week Three 24/7/2019: Tiger Temple, Tiny Arena, Turbo Track
-Week Four 31/7/2019: Sewer Speedway, Hyper Spaceway, Slide Coliseum
-Grand Final: TBA

1st Place= 200
2nd Place = 180
3rd Place = 165
4th Place = 150
5th Place = 140
6th Place = 130
7th Place = 115
8th Place = 100