ANZ Dota 2019: Season 2: Amateur

ANZ Dota 2019: Season 2: Amateur

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We have pushed back the Amateur start date a few days to get more teams to sign up. Please ensure you have 5 eligible players with subscriptions by Monday the 3rd of June.

ANZ Dota 2019: Season 2

PC LIVE 5v5 Comp 217 players

You must keep your match times up to date to be given matches, you will be assigned 3 matches per 12 day period. You can queue for an immediate official match at any time provided you have not reached your match limit.

All players require a silver subscription (or higher) during all matches.

Amateur Division

Formerly known as CGo.   2 teams Ladder Time: 8:32am on Sun, 21st



Subscription(s) required, ELO: 1491

Match times out of date Ineligible


No matches scheduled



Mighty Pucks

ELO: 1451 Wins: 3 Losses: 4

Eligible and times up to date!


No matches scheduled