ANZ Dota 2020: Season 1: Amateur

ANZ Dota 2020: Season 1: Amateur

For Open and Amatuer Divisons, teams need to update their match times once a week (can be found in their team settings page).

You need to set at least 6 of the green timeslots alongside any other time you can play. The green timeslots indicate the most common available times. This is so people get assigned matches instead of doing 5pm and 10:30pm timeslots alone.

The system automatically assigns your matches with similar elo, and coinciding times based on the match times both teams have set up, so please check the website often for new matches!


ANZ Dota 2020: Season 1

PC Regos Open 5v5 Comp 183 players

You must keep your match times up to date to be given matches, you will be assigned 3 matches per 12 day period. You can queue for an immediate official match at any time provided you have not reached your match limit.

All players require a subscription (or higher) during all matches.

Amateur Division (Starts 7 days from now)

Formerly known as CGa.   1 teams Season starts:7 days from now



Too few players   Org: AEON

Match times out of date Ineligible


Removing team 4 days from now