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Please complete the form to create a ANZ Dota 2021: Season 4: Open (Herald 1 - Crusader 5) team.
ADMIN NOTE: Welcome to ANZ Dota 2021: Season 4 Open (Herald - Crusader).

This league is open to all Herald - Crusader players, matches are a B02 and run on an ELO format. Final matches will all be a B03 with a B05 grand final unless otherwise stated. This league is free to play, a LPL subscription is not needed.

Please note that smurfing and account sharing is strictly prohibited, when starting the league all steam accounts must be added and not on private for review.

Our rules can be found via our rules page at these rules also include our code of conduct which can be found using the following link

All team communication is through the LPL discord:
A recruiting button allowing players to apply to join will be shown on your team profile.
Teams within organisations have different terms and conditions
You agree to our terms and conditions and have read & agree to the ADMIN NOTE above.