FIFA 19 Rules

FIFA 19 Rules

This document outlines the rules and regulations related to the New Zealand Football FIFA 19
National Championships 2019. Entry into New Zealand Football FIFA 19 National
Championships 2019 constitutes acceptance of these rules and regulations. Failing to adhere to
these rules and regulations may result in, inability to participate, disqualification and/or other
penalization as determined by Let’s Play Live and New Zealand Football Incorporated
management. Please note that Let’s Play Live management and Zealand Football Incorporated
have the authority to make final decisions that are not specifically outlined in these rules and
regulations to preserve fair play and sportsmanship at its sole discretion.
The event is also sanctioned by the New Zealand Esports Federation. All players will be
required to conform to the rules and regulations of the NZESF. Failure to do so may result in
disqualification from the event and/or sanctions imposed by the NZESF.

1.0 New Zealand Football FIFA 19 National Championship 2019 information and rules and
New Zealand Football Incorporated ("NZF") is running the New Zealand Football FIFA 19
National Championships (“Competition”) in order to select two players to represent NZF at the
FIFA 19 eNations Cup. LPL is administering the competition. These terms and conditions
govern the operation of the Competition and by entering the Competition you have agreed to be
bound by these terms and conditions ("Terms").
If you do not agree with any of these Terms, you must not enter the Competition.

1.1 Player Eligibility:
Participating players must register at CyberGamer ( to be
considered for eligibility for the Competition. Players that meet the eligibility requirements in this
Section ( “Player” or “Players” Competitor”) must:
? Have a valid New Zealand passport at the point of registration. A residency in New Zealand
is not mandatory.
? Be at least 16 years of age at the point of registration.
? If the Player is under the age of 18, then to have obtained their parent’s or guardian’s
consent to participate in the Competition.
? Have a valid CyberGamer account for online events.
? Only register and participate in either the PS4 or Xbox bracket. Players are not allowed to
register and participate in both brackets.
? When the Player enters the Competition, they agree that they will become a member of
NZF and enrolled in the NZF’s National Registration system and agree to the NZF’s terms
and conditions (“NZF’s Terms”)
[]. By agreeing to these rules
and regulations and entering the Competition, the Player confirms that he or she has read
and agreed to these and NZF’s Terms.
1.2 Prizes:
PS4 and Xbox Champion:
? To represent NZF in the upcoming FIFA 19 eNations Cup held from 12th to 14th April 2019
(London, England). Accommodation and Flights for both Players to be paid for by FIFA.
Departure from New Zealand to FIFA 19 eNations Cup expected to be 9 or 10
th of April

2019 and returning on 16 April 2019. Dates are indicative only.
? The PS4 and Xbox Players acknowledge that they will be representing NZF at FIFA 19
eNations Cup and agree to comply with NZF’s Code of Conduct

1.3 Dates and Information:
Online Qualifier:
• 16th March 2019 - PS4
• 17th March 2019 - Xbox
• Format - Single Elimination/Double Elimination (Pending on Sign Ups) Best of 1
• Times – 11AM AEDT/1PM NZDT until finish
• Game settings as described in Section 3.0
• Top 2 players from PS4 and Top 2 players from Xbox from online qualifiers are invited to
LAN. On selection for the LAN, each Player must agree to the terms of LPL's standard
player agreement. A copy of the player agreement can be obtained by emailing LPL at
[email protected]
• Players that qualify and are invited to LAN are required to provide proof that they hold a
valid New Zealand passport to the LAN Official or any individual affiliated with LPL. Failure
to provide proof will result in disqualification (with no right to compensation) and the next
seeded player will be invited for LAN .
• Matches will be played online with results being put into the CyberGamer bracket. On 18
March 2019, the top 2 Players from PS4 and top 2 Players from Xbox from online will be
contacted by email by end of business day. The first names and or aliases of top 2 Players
from PS4 and top 2 Players from Xbox and their resident suburb will be published on 18
March 2019 on NZF’s website, and communicated to FIFA.
• By entering the Competition, you consent to your first name and suburb being displayed on
NZF's website as a winner of the Competition.
• 26th March 2019 – PS4 and Xbox
• Limited Hotel Accommodation and Travel expenses covered by LPL and NZF if the Player
resides outside of Auckland as described in Section 2.0 and 2.1
• Games will be played and broadcast on Twitch and SkyTV from LPL studios
• Format - Single Elimination, Best of 3
• Times – TBC by LPL.
• Gameplay settings as described in Section 3.0
• The names of the two winners of the LAN will be communicated to FIFA.
• The two winners of the LAN must be available for travel to London, England for the FIFA 19
eNations Cup held from the 12th to 14th April and have the appropriate visa and documents
to travel internationally.
• Any Player who is not unable to satisfy such visa requirements on or before Tuesday, 2
April 2019 will result in disqualification (with no right to compensation) and the next seeded
player will be invited to attend the FIFA 19 eNations Cup.

2.0 Travel Accommodations:
Each Player qualified for the LAN will receive a $250.00 travel voucher from NZF and must
organise their own travels to and from Auckland, NZ and to and from the selected hotel they will
be staying at for the duration of the LAN.
Travel consists of economy class airfare for the Player only, if a flight is necessary, and ground
transportation to and from the LAN venue as necessary.
Any additional support individuals affiliated with the Player, whether a coach, manager, or
parent / guardian, are responsible for their own transportation costs.
Players must possess all required travel documents, including Visas and valid passports, if and
as applicable. Airline tickets and accommodation are non-refundable/non-transferable and are
not valid for upgrades. All airline tickets are subject to the vagaries of flight variation, work
stoppages, and schedule or route changes. LPL and/or NZF reserves the right to structure
travel route and select hotels in its sole discretion.
If the closest airport to any Player’s home is in close enough proximity to the city where LAN is
being held so that, as LPL and/or NZF may determine in its sole discretion, a flight is
unnecessary, invitation will not include air transportation from Players’ residence to the city
where LAN is being held, and no other substitution or compensation will be provided in lieu
thereof. Changes are not permitted after ticket issue. The round trip air transportation element
for any travel prize begins and ends at the point of departure (unless otherwise specified

2.1 Hotel Accommodations:
LPL will provide one (1) hotel room for every Player, for the duration of the LAN should there be
a significant distance from the Player's residence to the Auckland CBD. The Player must
comply with all hotel check-in requirements and are responsible for any incidentals or costs
incurred to any hotel rooms including room service or damage.
Players will receive a schedule and expected “Call Time” sheet for the duration of the LAN.
Players are required to arrive at the designated location by the listed call times, and are
expected to be available at the LAN venue for the duration of all competitive LAN days.

3.0 Gameplay:
? FIFA Ultimate Team
? You must play your opponent through the FIFA Ultimate Team Friendly Seasons
? Competitors will need to add each other as friends on PSN or XBL, it may take a few
minutes for your friends list to update and show up on the FUT Friendly Seasons
? To do this go to FUT Hub -> Friendly Season -> Select Your Opponent
? All games will use FUT Friendly Seasons default settings, including:
Difficulty Level: World Class
Half Length: 6 minutes
Stadium Settings
o Stadium: FEWC Stadium
o Season: Fall/ Autumn
o Time of Day: 3:00PM
Pitch Wear: None
HUD: Player and Indicator
Player Indicator: Player Name
Gamer Indicator: Off
Scrolling Line Ups: Off
Specific Controller Setting Exceptions: Legacy Defense prohibited
Commentary Volume: 0
Music Volume: 0
Stadium Ambience: 8
Time/Score display: On
Camera: the following single Player camera settings are forbidden:
o Pro
o End to end
o Dynamic
Radar: 2D
Custom tactics are allowed
Custom formations are disallowed
Tactical Defending Required
Pause Rules governed by in-game mechanics
Trainer must be turned off
? All Training/Attribute cards are strictly prohibited
? Loan Players are strictly prohibited. We strongly advise players to check their
opponent’s squad via 'Play a Friends Squad' if they think their opponent has subbed
on an illegal player.
? Legacy defending is strictly prohibited

? All FIFA Pro Cards (99 rated cards given to Football Professionals in their own
likeness) are strictly prohibited
? Players must be ready 15 minutes prior to the start time of each day of the Tournament.
? LPL management, CyberGamer admins, NZF, EASPORTS/FIFA, in their sole and
absolute discretion, reserve the right to immediately ban or restrict the use of any
in-game technique, strategy, action/inaction, bug, glitch, etc. used, employed by or
exploited by a Player even if not specifically mentioned in this rulebook.
4.0 Equipment
? For matches held at LAN, Players must use the PC, monitor, LAN station headset, , and
network equipment provided by LPL. Players will not be allowed to display the name,
logos or marks of the team of such player on such equipment. If a Player finds that an
issue has occurred with any of this equipment, such Players should pause the game and
notify an LANOfficial immediately. Players are exclusively responsible for ensuring
proper function of the audio equipment prior to the start of all games.
? If an LAN Official is able to confirm that an issue has occurred, they will determine the
outcome of specific issue.
? Players may not use third party applications, programs, or download any software onto
LAN computers without approval from an LAN Official.
5.0 General Rules
? Players that are deemed disqualified by any means (cheating, severe misconduct) prior to
the start of a game will not be allowed to play in the game. Players that are disqualified
during a game must disconnect from the game. Players that are disqualified will not receive
any benefits (prize, etc.) for their ranking in the LAN. Such Players may also be subject to a
ban from a future Tournament(s).
? In order to dispute game results, Players must notify the referee that they would like to
protest the game before a new game has begun. In order to dispute match results, Players
must notify their referee that they would like to protest the match before the match results
have been submitted.
? In-Game Player names, Player avatars must be pre-approved by LPL. Player name have
to be clean and without a sponsor. Player avatars must consist of a Player picture provided
by LPL or an approved Organization logo.
? Players are not allowed to hang jackets or other objects over the chairs, in front of cameras,
or anywhere else that is deemed by LAN Officials to be obstructing the broadcast, LPL (or
its sponsors/partners) marks or logos or fair play of the LAN. Same rules apply to hats or
hoodies covering the headphones.
? LPL has permission to use parent organization names/logos, Player likeness, identification,
pictures and videos for use on stage material, live-streaming, television broadcasts of LPL
and related events, online use, including but not limited to, social media posts and videos,
and for the advertising/promotion of the LPL television and/or online broadcasts, (e.g.,
institutional promotion), and in connection therewith, LPL corporate partners and sponsors.
? LPL require to be supplied with portrait photos of Players including team shirts (if
? Players are required to be available for photo and video shooting for the matches played on
? Players, Coaches and/or other Player representatives shall not, at any time during LPL
competitions, mention or “plug” any commercial product, service, venture or entity
(including the name of an individual’s employer) (collectively, “Commercial
Products/Services”), including, without limitation, by using equipment, apparel, and/or other
items featuring the name/logo of such Commercial Product/Service, without preapproval
from LAN Officials in each instance. Tournament Officials reserve the right to require
Teams/Players to take reasonable steps to obscure (e.g., tape over) any visible
manufacture names/logos on any Player supplied equipment. No title sponsors may be
used in Team names or nicknames.
6.0 Conduct
? Players are expected to put their best effort forward at all times
? Players may not communicate with a spectator (including any team representatives or team
affiliated individuals except for other players on such player’s team and, during timeouts,
the coach of such team), or another Player, during the course of a match.
? Players, coaches and representatives may not engage in any other conduct that, in the
discretion of LAN Officials, violates the spirit of these rules, affects the ability of LAN
Officials to conduct a fair and safe competition, and/or is detrimental to LPL and/or its
? Players may not intentionally forfeit a game or conspire to manipulate rankings or brackets.
7.0 Legal
? Match fixing is defined as an attempt to arrange or influence, in advance, the outcome of a
match, or events within the match, usually for the purpose of making money, often from
betting. Participants, directly or indirectly, are not allowed to accept from, or offer to, any
person or entity (whether they are participants or otherwise) any bribes/gifts/rewards of any
nature in relation to seeking to influence the outcome, result of, conduct of, a match or the
competition. Participants are under a strict obligation to immediately report to an LAN
Official any approach, or any offer of a bribe/gift/ reward made to them, or any other
participant, related to seeking to influence the outcome, result, or conduct of a match or the
? Any form of cheating and/or ghosting is strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate
disqualification and previous matches may also be reviewed. LAN Officials may opt to
deduct further points and/or disqualify the Player entirely.

? Participants (e.g., players, coaches, etc.) shall act in a professional manner at all times at
the site of each match, at the LPL Official hotel, and in Official LPL transportation, and shall
refrain from acting in a vulgar, abusive, or offensive manner or engaging in any illegal
? Spirit of the Rules. Finality of all decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, Player
eligibility, scheduling and staging for the LAN and related events, and penalties for
misconduct, lie solely with LPL and NZF management, the decisions of which are final. LPL
and NZF decisions relating to these rules and/or the LAN cannot be appealed and shall not
give rise to any claim for monetary damages or other legal or equitable remedy. These
rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by LPL and NZF, from time to time, in
order to, among other things, ensure fair play and the integrity of the Competition.
? To the fullest extent permitted by law, NZF, and any of their personnel shall not be liable for
any loss or damage whatsoever incurred or suffered including direct or consequential loss),
or personal injury suffered or sustained with either participation in the Competition or FIFA
19 eNations Cup.
? Each Player must at all times inform NZF of any change in their circumstances which may
affect his or her ability to compete in the Competition or attend the FIFA 19 eNations Cup or
that may damage the reputation of the Competition, NZF or LPL. This includes any criminal
prosecution or disciplinary action or sanction by any sporting or esports organisation.
? The final decision as to which participants attend the LAN and the FIFA 19 eNations Cup
will be made by NZF at it’s sole discretion.. The NZF may decide to exclude a participant
based on behaviour online, status of criminal prosecutions or any other matters considered
relevant by NZF.