LPL FIFA 22 SEASON 2 2022: Open

LPL FIFA 22 SEASON 2 2022: Open

Hi FIFA22 lovers! FIFA22 is currently on-hold on the LPL platform. This means that esports events for FIFA22 will be announced as soon as we've registered 8 players into FIFA22 ANZ Open Division. To express your interest in future FIFA events, please register to FIFA22 ANZ Open Division to secure your spot!

Once 8 teams have signed up, all registered players will receive an email with the first LPL FIFA22 event!


PC LIVE 3v3 Comp 8-12 weeks


Open Division

0 teams Ladder Time: 4:40am on Wed, 5th  Time Zone: Australia/Sydney
Nearing the end of season: The last matches for the season must be completed by 11:59pm Tuesday, October 18th. Finals are for the top 4 teams.
No teams competing