League of Legends

League of Legends Rules

League of Legends Rules

** All players must have their LoL Usernames on their CG Profiles. For more information click here.
** If any team member fails to enter their LoL username on their CG Profiles prior to a match their team will forfeit.


This ladder uses the CyberGamer Anti-Cheat Policy with the following alterations:


Category 2

Infringement: Playing whilst ineligible
A player who does not have their League of Legends summoner name listed on their CyberGamer profile is ineligible to play in any CyberGamer League of Legends league or ladder match. A CGp player who does not have their UAC ID linked on their CG profile is ineligible to play in any CyberGamer League of Legends league or ladder match. A player who has not played a match on their listed account for more than two weeks will be ineligible to play. Any matches, including those played as part of the ladder are eligible.


Category 4
Infringement: Smurfing
This involves having multiple CyberGamer accounts in order to be in multiple teams at once, playing for a league or ladder team which you are not a member of, or attempting to alias as another player in order to play during their CyberGamer match. This also includes using a League of Legends account with a summoner name different to the one listed on a players CyberGamer profile, selling a League of Legends account on CyberGamer, or, using a bought League of Legends account in a CyberGamer match. If a player is found to be smurfing again during their ban period, they will be in breach of the 'ban evasion' rule. Smurfing yet again during this time will guarantee a player a permanent ban.


It is a requirement of being a member of a team on a CyberGamer League of Legends ladder that the summoner name of the League of Legends account that you will use for CyberGamer matches be listed on your CyberGamer profile within the League of Legends username field. Players who do not have their League of Legends summoner name listed correctly on their CyberGamer profile are ineligible to play in League of Legends matches on CyberGamer. Teams found to be attempting to play with ineligible players during the pick/banning phase of a CyberGamer match can be forced to forfeit that match by their opponents (screen shot evidence should be provided). Please note however that a game can not be later disputed due to someone playing without a summoner name listed on their CyberGamer profile. For more information click here.

* Team One - This team is the first to be listed on your match page.
* Team Two - This team is the second to be listed on your match page.

How to join a game:

It is Team Two's responsibility to create the game lobby with the game rules listed below.

* Join a Game by clicking on play, move down to Custom, select Join game, Click the show private games button and look down the list for your server name. The password will be on your Match Page
* Create a Game by clicking on Create Game in Custom and use the below options

Game Options:
* Map - Summoner's Rift
* Team Size - 5
* OCE Servers
* Tournament Draft
* Best of 1 Games

Server Settings:
* Name - CG Team One Name Vs Team Two Name
* Password - The Password that is on your match page on Cybergamer

Game Rules:
* Matches are played on the Oceania server.
* Rune pages are allowed.
* Summoner spells are allowed. There is NO LIMIT on what spells you can have on a team.
* All champions are allowed, unless that champion is currently disabled from Ranked Queues due to a bug.

* Team One will be assigned the blue side, while Team Two will be assigned Red.
* In the Finals series, the higher seed will be given the choice.

* 1-0 to the winning team
* 1-0 for a No Show or Forfeits


* Max of 8 players on each team roster.

Teams are limited to eight players total on their roster. Teams may substitute players on their roster at any time during the season, however, a player is not eligible to play in a match if they were not on their teams roster by the time the match was accepted and scheduled. Teams may NOT play any player who is not on their CyberGamer team roster.

A player may only play for a maximum of ONE team across all leagues within any one season.

Teams may not make changes to their roster 24 hours within a finals match.

*Client saved replays will be accepted, however, replays that are from the previous patch may not be able to be viewed, evidence should be saved before a new patch if needed.
*Any legal third party (e.g. LoLRecorder) will be accepted so long as it is able to be viewed by admins.
* If a dispute is made then the Replays must be submitted.

Tournament Draft Rules:
* Champion Selection: Tournament Draft will be used. Players may only select champions that they have unlocked or are currently unlocked through the champion rotation.
* Random is not allowed.

Challenging System
* Matches will be assigned automatically based on time availability. Please ensure you have updated your available times to reflect when you are able to play. It is your responsibility to be checking when you have an assigned match.
* If there is an issue with your match time, please get in contact with an admin at least 48 hours prior to the match time start. This will ensure we have enough time to communicate with both team captains to organise a suitable replacement time.

Screenshot Rules:
* Screenshots are taken using the "Print Screen" key on the keyboard.
* Players must take a screenshot of the Banned and Selected Champions in case of disconnects or a player leaving.
* Players must take a screenshot of the "Total Score" at the end of the match and must keep these screenshots incase of a dispute.
* If a dispute is filed and a player refuses to submit their screenshot, the match will be overturned and bans may be issued.

* In case of a any of the following problems the teams must restart the lobby and pick/ban up to where it was interrupted.
*Server Crashes: A permanent connection loss of one or multiple players due to an issue with a server (such as a patch). If this occurs and is not resolved in time then dispute the match and request a reschedule.
* If an unintentional disconnection occurs, please use the pause function ingame, this can be used by simply typing '/pause' in team chat. Once the player has rejoined the game and ready to play, the opposing team may resume the game when they are ready. This can be used by simply typing '/resume' in team chat. Please note that once a game has commenced, if a player disconnects due to reasons that are not related to the Oceanic League of Legends server, that the game must continue at latest after all in game pause time has been used.

Delay of Match:
* In the event that the Tournament Code system fails to work correctly, the Defending team must create the Game Lobby within 15 minutes of match start time. If Team Two does not create the Lobby within 15 minutes of match start time they will forfeit. Team One must provide screenshot evidence to show the match was not created. Both the Teams must have a minimum of 4 players in the Lobby at 15 minutes past the start time. Any teams who does not will forfeit. In addition to this, the game should commence within 20 minutes of the scheduled starting time. If the match is a series, any subsequent games must begin within 15 minutes of the previous game finishing. Teams who are not ready to play within the allotted time will forfeit that match.

Lobby Rules:
* After bans/champion selections players may leave the lobby for 2 minutes to alter runes/masteries, then restarting the game in Tournament Draft. Please note that Tournament Codes may not work if the lobby is remade, and you may have to do this manually.
* After bans/champion selections have been made teams may NOT sub players in/out. If a player drops due to PC/connection issues that same player must reconnect or bans/champion selections must be restarted. Any teams who sub players during the selection process will forfeit the match.

* If League of Legends (PvP.net) is Offline you can reschedule a match if both teams agree on a new Time/Date. Post it in your match details (Private Chat Between BOTH Teams) or open a dispute.

Player Rules:
*Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring all members of their team understand and follow these rules set forth by the CyberGamer League. Violation of any requirement listed here will result in the suspension of the offending player(s) as well as other match penalties as determined by league administrators. If you do not understand these rules clearly, it is YOUR responsibility to seek clarification from a league official.

Player Knowledge:
*Players are responsible that they know, and understand all the rules. It is also their responsibility to check the rules often to see if there are any changes. Not "knowing" will never be an accepted excuse.

Selling of Accounts:
If a player attempts to sell his League Of Legends account on CyberGamer, That user will receive a 1 month forum ban and (If the account is bought) the player buying the account will receive a 3 month Forum Ban. Attempting to buy accounts, players will receive 1 day forum ban and if continues the length will increase from 1 day to 1 week then to 1 month and if continues admins will discuss of a permanent ban.
If a player successfully sells their account they will receive a Category 4 infringement and if the player who bought the account goes to use the account in a CyberGamer match, that player will receive a Category 4 infringement. These rules are placed to support the League of Legends ToS.

International teams:
* International teams may not participate in the Cybergamer Pro Leagues

*CG Appointed Shoutcasting Groups hold the right to shoutcast any match they wish, if you wish to shoutcast matches please contact one of the Head LoL Admins.

*A dispute can be made if a player/team has been disruptive/breaking any rules. Please only dispute a match if you have evidence/logs to support your dispute. A false dispute will be dealt with by the admins potentially resulting in a match ban.

Dispute Process:
*All disputes made by members of the leagues will be attended not necessarily resolved within a timeframe of one [1] day. We endeavor to make the decisions as quick and as conclusive as possible, but teams and players need to recognize the workload that exists for admins. Teams are not to contact or hassle administrators by private message or any other means unless requested by an administrator or the offender will be banned. If you can't wait for administrators to resolve the dispute patiently then DO NOT dispute the match and/or take the loss. All dispute chat is to be left within the dispute and not posted on the public forums or elsewhere.

*Submit all evidence relevant, administrators should not have to ask. All teams that are requested to submit information/screenshots/replay evidence are expected to do so within twenty-four [24] hours.

Finals Eligibility
*Teams are required to have played at least 4 matches for ELO rating on the CyberGamer Ladder to be eligible to play the finals series. Teams that do not meet the required amount of games may discuss with the admins, but their participation is not guaranteed.