Legends Of Runeterra

Legends Of Runeterra Rules

Legends Of Runeterra Rules

By competing on this ladder, you agree to follow all rules set out below and any additional instructions provided by the LetsPlay.Live(LPL) Administration team. If you have any questions, problems, queries or concerns then please contact an Admin by putting in a Support Ticket using the Support Ticket System.

All rulesets must be read in conjunction with the Master Ruleset and Code of Conduct.

To ensure we are providing the best experience possible, all players are expected to display Good Gamer Behaviour as listed below.
Respect your opponents, team, and tournament staff.
Play with integrity in all matches.
Don’t be toxic.
This means NO:
• Cursing
• Sexism
• Racism
• Homophobic remarks
• Taunting
• Bullying
• Lewd/NSFW remarks or posts
• Doxing

Tournament Staff reserve the right to disqualify any player/team that violates player conduct rules without warning. If a player/team is disqualified, the match is a forfeit, and a loss is recorded for disqualified player/team.

Player Accounts
• A player must only use one account during a competition. This account must be the account connected to the users LPL Profile.

Match Information and Communication
Match information emails are sent out all players: 24 hours before game day. Players are expected to join the community discord here. and use the relevant channels to communicate. Please contact an administrator on discord if you have any questions.

Tournament Format
1v1 Elo

Deck Restrictions

• Champions cannot be duplicated between the decks.
• Each deck’s region combination must be unique.
• Only one deck is allowed to contain no champions.

Tournament Challenge and Preparation Phase
Each match will start with a Tournament Challenge
The ‘Ready’ button will glow on the Tournament screen
Players have [5 minutes] to accept the challenge
It is the player’s responsibility to be ready and available to accept the challenge within [5 minutes] otherwise they will forfeit the match

Accepting the challenge will take the player into the Tournament Lobby, where the remaining time will be the ‘Preparation Phase’
They can inspect their opponent’s decks
The match will not begin until the phase is complete

Best of Three
Each match can run up to three games.
A winning deck can no longer be used in that round.

Spectate must be disabled during all games.

Connect with us
On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish everyone competing the best of luck! For any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by either posting in the forums or contacting an admin via Support Ticket. Alternatively, you can join the LPL Community Discord.

Community Caster & Game Admin Applications
Want to join a talented team of Community Casters to get more practice under your belt? Join the Community Caster program by applying here. If you want to join the talent Game Admin team, you can apply here.

Want to know more about LPL? Got a question about LPL Esports? Click here for our FAQ!

Many Thanks, LPL Admin Team