Paladins Rules

Paladins Rules

Paladins League Rules

1 - Ladder Rules

1.1 Eligible Players
  • Each player must have a valid Let's Play Live account.
  • Each player must have their Paladins ID linked to their Let's Play Live account through the profile settings/game ids and play all CyberGamer matches on that linked account.
  • Only players from the Oceania Region are eligible to participate in the tournament.

1.2 No Shows
  • Each team has 15 minutes from the match start time to complete their Map Vetos and begin the champion select phase.
  • Teams who have not entered the match after the 15 minutes will be given a forfeit loss except in extreme circumstances at administrator discretion.

1.3 Match Disputes
  • Players must dispute matches while they are still being played, and refuse to play further until the dispute is resolved. If you continue to play a match until it ends it will be seen as an acceptance of the situation. Matches can be disputed via the match page and through an admin.
  • When making a dispute, screenshots and other supporting documentation must be supplied. Failure to provide evidence may result in the score standing.
  • Disputes are not accepted for disputes which should have occurred prior to the match starting, e.g banned skin use, banned champ use, or an ineligible player participating.

1.4 Forfeits
If a team has not shown up within 15 minutes of the tournament start time, teams are able to set the match as a forfeit win.

2 - Match Settings
All matches are Bo3 with the finals being Bo5 Single Elimination (Top four teams only).

2.1 Veto
Just before your scheduled games (and up to 15 minutes after the scheduled start time), votes on maps will take place until 3 are remaining (5 in the case of finals).

2.2 Match Settings
  • Server: Australia
  • Map: Any of the Siege Maps
  • Match Password: Allowed
  • Spectator Password: Off
  • Third Person: Off

2.3 Pauses
Pauses can total to a maximum of 5 minutes per team, per match. In the event of a pause, reason for pause must be told to the other team if they request it.

2.4 Match Restarts
Match Restarts can only happen under the following circumstances;
  • A player fails to load in
  • Technical difficulties provided the match timer is under 2 minutes (screenshot must be provided if this is disputed)

3 - Participation Rules

3.1 Code of Conduct
All players entering in tournaments run by Lets Play Live, agree to abide by tournament rules, and Hi-Rez's terms of service. Please refer to Let's Play Live's Anti-cheat policy for further information, and our terms of service.

3.2 Streaming
Streaming of any tournament is permitted, community casters are also permitted to stream matches, and teams must accept this without dispute.

4 - In-game Bans
This is subject to change weekly as according to PML ruleset.

4.1 Banned skins:
All mastery skins (Cosmic and Obsidian)
Bomb King "Battle Byte" Skin
Drogoz “Abyssal Lord” Skin
Drogoz "DZ-03 Draco" Skin
Drogoz "Pyre Warrior" Skin
Drogoz "Samba" Weapon Skin
Fernando "Enforcer" Skin
Furia "Battlesuit Angel" Skin
Inara “Battle Byte” Skin
Jenos "Gentleman" Skin
Jenos "Remix" Skin
Makoa "Omega" Skin
Seris "Cottontail" Skin
Viktor "Legionnaire" Skin
Zhin "Ebonstar" Skin

4.2 Banned emotes/Stamps/ETC:
All roaming emotes
All death stamps
Alpha Speeder
8-Bit Speeder

4.3 Banned champions:

4.4 Banned Maps:

4.5 Banned Cards/Talents:

4.6 Banned areas:
Rooftops/abusing any areas which has a gravity mechanic by resetting with androxus hover/drogoz hover etc
Windows of Ascension Peak
Rooftops/pillars of Bazaar hovering/teleporting/jumping ontop of them
Corner of point in Ascension Peak where you can walk in the statue
Trees of Frog Isle
Stone Keep top of pillar (teleporting there with Kinessa)