PUBG Rules

PUBG Rules

On top of our site terms and conditions which can be found here , we also have specific PUBG rules.

All LPL PUBG leagues will follow the PUBG SUPER ruleset:
In the event, if you have any queries about these rules, please contact an admin.

Updated as of 26/09/2019

- We are running 2 CORE this season. However Orgs, Team managers/owners or captains will essentially own the spot.
- You can still make unlimited roster changes before 6:30 PM Monday, once game 1 starts, Roster restrictions apply.
- During a season you can only make two (2) changes on your roster.
- Emergency Subs are for one night of matches only (max 5) and will still require premium to compete.
- OPEN Teams can make unlimited changes (Rosters should be unlocked) till after week 4 matches. Once week 4 is complete, Rosters will lock and any changes will need to be made by admins, and in turn, the two (2) roster change limit applies.
- ANY player that plays in a league match MUST have a subscription whether it be 1 match or 1 night, these are non-transferable.
- Under special circumstances where a team and/or player(s) are unable to compete because of international duties considerations may be made.

In the SUPER RULES, Note the following changes/clarifications.

3.1 Age
LPL allows players of all ages; as such we don’t enforce an age restriction to play on a PUBG ladder.

4.2 Native Roster Requirements
We ask that all players participating in all ladders are CURRENTLY residing in/from the OCE Region, not strictly be a resident/citizen of an OCE country.
Also note, we do allow a single (1) International Player to be a part of rosters. This player can be outside of OCE and can participate from any location.
(This may change, announcements will be made if so)

4.3 Multiple Team Ownership
LPL enforces that a single organisation cannot have two teams in the same ladder.
E.g., Incognito and Incognito Academy cannot be in Challenger together. However, they can be in separate ladders e.g. Challenger and Amateur.

Furthermore; Team ownership structure is as follows.
1. Organisation - teams will be required to put forward and Org representative for any issues/disputes.
2. Team Owner/Manager - Teams are required to inform LPL if a team owner or manager is involved.
3. Team Captain - All teams must nominate a captain who will be the point of contact and have the final say in any disputes.
*Please note that LPL does enforce a mutiny clause, where if more then 50% of the team officially comes forward Team Captains etc. can be overturned.

4.4 Conflict of Interest
LPL Admins/volunteers cannot make vote/make decisions that may apply to their own team as either a player or manager or the ladders they participate in. Admins however can provide opinions or insight. This applies to Challenger and Amateur ladders.
Furthermore, in some cases, the final decision will rest with @Tighearnach (PUBG Head Admin)