Ballistics is a PUBG team ranked 59th in CGa Squads FPP S2.

Total Score:375
Total Placement Score:305
Total Chicken Dinners:0
Total Top 3:1
Total Kills:14
Total Matches Played:4/25
Username Join Time Steam
WhiteY_au (Captain)
In-game name: WhiteY_au
Ineligible to play, premium required
7:06pm 28/1/18 0:16599875

Ballistics's Matches

# Kills Points Match Time
- 0 0 MATCH 204 9:09pm 31/1/18
9th 1 65 MATCH 202 8:08pm 31/1/18
8th 3 85 MATCH 201 7:20pm 31/1/18
2nd 10 225 MATCH 193 7:05pm 30/1/18

Previous Members

Username Time Joined Time Left
Spaggy 7:44pm 28/1/18 Unknown Leave Time
Spaggy 7:38pm 8/2/18 Unknown Leave Time
ArthaBlu 7:06pm 28/1/18 Unknown Leave Time
DirtySouth 7:02pm 28/1/18 Unknown Leave Time

Summary of your last 3 matches

From your last 3 matches you have played against 27 of the 77 teams competing in the season (35%).

You played against the following teams in all 3 matches: Victrix (4th), Team Gimoddi (8th), Surge CSGO (15th), Last Stand Gaming (24th), ViP eSports (28th) and against the following teams in 2 of the 3 matches: Athletico Academy (3rd), afterMath (13th), Lexicology (21st), HODLGANG (23rd), Vehicle Flippers (30th), Mang eSports (39th), Team so fresh (48th), Mans Not Hot (53rd), Sample (57th)

You played against 11 teams (6 unique) ranked in the top 8.
You played against 6 teams (3 unique) ranked 9th-16th.
You played against 32 teams (18 unique) outside the top 16.

The average rank of your opponents was 30th.