Asterix is a PUBG team ranked 18th in CyberGamer Solo FPP S3 Finals.

Total Score:640
Total Placement Score:600
Total Chicken Dinners:0
Total Top 3:1
Total Kills:4
Total Matches Played:8/9
Username Join Time Steam
Asterix (Captain)
In-game name: asterix56
5:21pm 13/3/18 1:4140956

Summary of your last 5 matches

From your last 5 matches you have played against 32 of the 44 teams competing in the season (73%).

You played against the following teams in all 5 matches: Henck Jr (1st), DoubleJ_G (2nd), bigboymacca (4th), twitch.tvTGLTN (5th), ShavSki (6th), JuiceFBZ (7th), Dezmone (8th), Duffy (9th), MishkaAUS (10th), Tu Meke Gaming (11th), Ass4ssN (12th), Satans_Rapist (13th), iamshadrock (15th), Noxide (16th), Auryx (17th) and against the following teams in 4 of the 5 matches: itsthefunzies twitch (3rd)

You played against all teams in the top 8 (39 times).
You played against all teams ranked 9th-16th (36 times).
You played against 29 teams (16 unique) outside the top 16.

The average rank of your opponents was 13th.