Our Thing Gaming

Our Thing Gaming is a PUBG team competing in PUBG Season 3: 2019 Open.

Total Score:0
Total Placement Score:0
Total Chicken Dinners:0
Total Top 3:0
Total Kills:0
Total Matches Played:0/42
Username Join Time Steam
hellraiser (Captain) (STEAM must be linked here to compete)
In-game name not set
1:22am 23/8/19 -
Fry (Captain)
In-game name: Fry187
1:19am 23/8/19 0:2027361
pantsless (Captain)
In-game name: PantslessMick
1:21am 23/8/19 0:2952441
POSTY187 (Captain)
In-game name not set
1:21am 23/8/19 1:29361567
Sneaky (Captain)
In-game name not set
1:21am 23/8/19 0:54571036

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