LPL Season 3 PC: Challenger

LPL Season 3 PC: Challenger

Warden and Nokk are under quarantine until a CyberGamer Rainbow 6 Admin states otherwise.

LetsPlay.Live R6 admins have the final say on all rulings, and at times may be out side of the written rules.

LPL Season 3 PC

PC LIVE 5v5 Comp 447 players

League with custom rules.

All players require an active subscription subscription during all matches.
Round 1
Monday 5:00pm August 12th to Tuesday 11:00pm August 13th
Rhythm vs Voltic ESC (1-1)8:30pm 13/8/19View
Coastline 7-2 win to Rhythm
Kafe 7-4 win to Voltic ESC
Sleeper Gaming vs TeeBeeDee (2-0)8:30pm 12/8/19View
Bank 8-6 win to Sleeper Gaming
Clubhouse 7-2 win to Sleeper Gaming
Team CryptiK vs PC419 (1-1)6:30pm 13/8/19View
Coastline 7-5 win to Team CryptiK
Clubhouse 7-3 win to PC419
Downfall vs Paradox | R6 (1-1)6:30pm 12/8/19View
Kafe 7-1 win to Paradox | R6
Villa 7-4 win to Downfall
Round 2
Monday 5:00pm August 19th to Tuesday 11:00pm August 20th
Voltic ESC vs Sleeper Gaming (1-1)8:30pm 19/8/19View
Clubhouse 7-1 win to Voltic ESC
Bank 7-3 win to Sleeper Gaming
PC419 vs Rhythm (1-1)6:30pm 20/8/19View
Villa 8-7 win to Rhythm
Border 7-5 win to PC419
TeeBeeDee vs Paradox | R68:00pm 22/8/19View
Team CryptiK vs Downfall (2-0)8:30pm 20/8/19View
Bank 8-7 win to Team CryptiK
Coastline 7-5 win to Team CryptiK
Round 3
Monday 5:00pm August 26th to Tuesday 11:00pm August 27th
Voltic ESC vs PC4198:30pm Tuesday August 27th
Paradox | R6 vs Sleeper Gaming6:30pm Tuesday August 27th
Rhythm vs Downfall8:30pm 26/8/19View
TeeBeeDee vs Team CryptiK6:30pm 26/8/19View
Round 4
Monday 5:00pm September 2nd to Tuesday 11:00pm September 3rd
Paradox | R6 vs Voltic ESC6:30pm Monday September 2nd
Downfall vs PC4198:30pm Monday September 2nd
Sleeper Gaming vs Team CryptiK8:30pm Tuesday September 3rd
Rhythm vs TeeBeeDee6:30pm Tuesday September 3rd
Round 5
Monday 5:00pm September 9th to Tuesday 11:00pm September 10th
Downfall vs Voltic ESC6:30pm Tuesday September 10th
Team CryptiK vs Paradox | R68:30pm Tuesday September 10th
PC419 vs TeeBeeDee8:30pm Monday September 9th
Sleeper Gaming vs Rhythm6:30pm Monday September 9th
Round 6
Monday 5:00pm September 30th to Tuesday 11:00pm October 1st
Voltic ESC vs Team CryptiK6:30pm Monday September 30th
TeeBeeDee vs Downfall6:30pm Tuesday October 1st
Paradox | R6 vs Rhythm8:30pm Monday September 30th
PC419 vs Sleeper Gaming8:30pm Tuesday October 1st
Round 7
Monday 6:00pm October 7th to Wednesday 12:00am October 9th
Voltic ESC vs TeeBeeDee8:30pm Tuesday October 8th
Rhythm vs Team CryptiK6:30pm Tuesday October 8th
Downfall vs Sleeper Gaming8:30pm Monday October 7th
Paradox | R6 vs PC4196:30pm Monday October 7th