Rainbow 6 | Siege

Amaru and Goyo are under quarantine until an LPL Rainbow 6 Admin states otherwise.

LPL R6 admins have the final say on all rulings, and at times may be out side of the written rules.

LPL Season 3 PC Finals (Season 1)

PC LIVE 5v5 Comp 187 players

187 players from 31 teams played at least one match across all divisions this season.

 Open Finals
Prizes status:
1st500.00PAIDAnonymouSPrize money has been equally split between: Dino;], Flex, ZzMIDNIGHTzZ, Wristlock, DarkEclipz.
2nd350.00PAIDDownfall R6Prize money has been equally split between: saxon., Artyboy, Clarence.DF, Jacuzzi, Ante | Extricity
3rd150.00TBA???Prize splitting arrangement not finalized (2 users have approved).
4th-TBATBBPrize splitting arrangement not finalized.
 Season StandingsWL
#1AnonymouS 80
#2Downfall R6 102
#3TBB 50
#4??? 86
#5zegg 62
#6Extricity 63
#7Vizard 76
#8Adversum 66