Soldier of Fortune 2

Soldier of Fortune 2 Rules

Soldier of Fortune 2 Rules

CyberGamer Soldier of Fortune 2 Season #3 Rules


. All players are to act in a sportsmanlike behavior, if a player is found not doing so he/she will have to suffer the consequences which may vary from a warning/mute/kick/ban/suspension depending on the incident.
. If a player is found abusing another player in a war the player will be warned once and only once. If he/she continues to abuse a mute will be given then if ANY more global chat appears from the player during the match he will be kicked for the remainder of the war.
. Abusing a admin is highly not tolerated, remember the admins put in countless hours of effort and work to help maintain and run the servers and ladders. If a player is found abusing an admin he suffer the consequences for his action and the team will as well. Depending on the offense or multiple offenses he/she may face removal from the war and/or match suspension/'s as well as the team could possibly automatically forfeit the war.
. Cheating, any programs that alter your game play and give you an unfair advantage over the other players is unsportsmanlike and this will be dealt with a 3-6 month ban and suspension from the ladder depending on the offense. CyberGamer does not tolerate cheaters and any one found so will also have their account banned from the website.
. All players are required to demo their war matches just in case a demo is requested by an Administrator for review purposes. The demo is to be only sent to an official CyberGamer admin such as Predict, Trance, Apollo, Church or Levitation.
. Gobal chat is generally not acceptable unless a bind is accidentally hit or a nice shot, hello or any other + chat is displayed on the screen. Any - or useless spam will be dealt with according to the administrator/referee.
. Smurfing is not tolerated in CyberGamer, any team found doing so WILL suffer the following consequences, forfeit of current fixture apon first offense, placed to last spot on ladder on second offense. The player found smurfing will be handed a 2 match ban.

Game Play

. The Ladder will be played in a 5v5 format with a min of 3 players and a max of 5.
. Scoring system is first to 13 with a half time swap at 12 played rounds, with a 5 minute break in between halves.
. Boosting is not allowed and anyone found doing so will be handed a 1 match suspension if this appears more than twice during a match then the team will forfeit the game. IF this is found to happen the grand final the team will immediately forfeit due to unsportsmanlike behavior.
. Substitutions are allowed at any time during the match so please feel free to sub in and players out as long as you do not exceed 5 players at the START of a round.
. Each team is allowed a total of 2 timeouts per game which each lasts for 2 minutes.
. Teams have 10 minutes after the scheduled match time to get the required amount of players into the war server or a forfeit may be placed into action.

General Rules

. Referee's can be requested however CyberGamer doesn't promise that it will have a referee at these wars however we will try to get a referee to the match as best we can. We ask that you do not abuse the request a ref button.
. Players marked as eligible are not permitted to play in the current fixtured match. Also a player must be on the team before the lockout date of the ladder or else the following may apply. Forfeit of current fixtured match, player suspension or both.
. Players are required to use a name similar to their CyberGamer ladder name, if not this may be dealt by a CyberGamer admin at their discretion.

Open Ladder Software Information

.You can only challenge a team half your rank or four places higher than yourself, whichever is greater.
.When defending a challenge you have 2 days to accept a time for the match, otherwise you will forfeit the match.
.Successfully defending your position will make you 'protected' for 36 hours, in which no team can challenge you.
.You may not play the same team twice in a row.
.Matches can only be played on any day of the week.
.After a match, each team must submit the result or select to dispute by 11:30pm AEST the night of the match, after this the results will be calculated and teams will become challengeable or 'protected'.
.In the unlikely event that there is a server issue and match requires to be rescheduled, this can be done through an administrator deleting the match and shortly after the same teams to challenge the defending team and just to act out as a normal challenge

OSP Commands

/ready, /notready will set your status to ready or not ready.
/tcmd info - Shows your teams ready-status (who is and is not ready), whether you are speclocked, how many timeouts you have left, etc.
/tcmd ready Captain will read the entire team.
/tcmd lock / unlock Stop players from joining your team.
/tcmd name Change the name of your team.
/tcmd speclock / specunlock Locks and Unlocks players from Spectating your team.
/tcmd specinvite <id> / unspecinvite <id> - Will allow the player with that id number to spec your team when it is locked.

Helpful Tips

When teams are ready and in the Competition server (both sides) please call a vote (Map Restart) doing this will restart the competition server and start the match. The vote percentage is set at 80% so majority of the server will have to be ready to start the war.

Rules are Subject to change at any given time by the CyberGamer Soldier of Fortune 2 administration team. Rules will only be changed if there is a mistake or community vote placed up to change a rule, or if there is a new/changed rule if the admin team agrees.

Last updated on : Tuesday 24th November 2009 @ 1:45am AEST