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Dota 2 High School League Holiday Cup

LPL is proud to bring you the Dota 2 HSL Holiday Cup! This is a one time event held very shortly after secondary school exams in both Australia and New Zealand.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 Holiday Cup Champions: Lynfield College!

It is an opportunity for secondary school students to compete in a competitive esports environment working together as a team and representing their school in a game they love, while competing for a $1,000 prize pool! Teams must be made up of only students from the same school and they must have a supervising teacher in order to participate. Teams will also compete to the standards held by HSL – which promote teamwork, sportsmanship and respect.

Registrations are now CLOSED. You can find the official ruleset here.

Qualifying Weekend – 1st and 2nd December
Teams will be seeded randomly into a single elimination best of one bracket and will compete over the weekend of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December. Games will begin at 12pm AEDT on Saturday and run until either 6pm AEDT or until only 2 teams remain. If necessary any remaining matches will be played out on Sunday (2nd) until there are 2 teams remaining.

Grand Finals – 8th December
The final two teams that are left at the end of the Qualifying Weekend will compete in a best of three series. The games will be broadcast to the HSL Twitch page from 12pm AEDT with expert commentary for players, teachers, parents and more to view.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients) is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Each team selects their heroes from a roster of over 100 characters and attempts to take down the enemy core structure, the Ancient. While levelling up along the way, they must break through towers, minions and of course the opposing team.

The game has a large focus on teamwork to achieve victory by working towards goals together in the match and eventually taking the win against the opponents. There are also many opportunities for individuals to shine with their own talents.

In the esports world Dota 2 has the consistently held the largest prize pools in the world with the biggest event (The International) boasting a prize pool in 2018 of $25,532,177 (USD) in 2018 and has been increasing every year. That’s more than you can win in traditional sports like cricket, golf and motorsports.

Find out more about how to run Dota 2 at your school by downloading our tech guide.

When are the games played?
The first round of matches will begin on Saturday 1st December. Depending on where you live the matches will start at these times:

  • 9am AWST (Western Australia)
  • 11am AEST (Queensland)
  • 12pm AEDT (New South Wales, Victoria, ACT, etc)
  • 2pm NZDT (New Zealand)

5 minutes after both you and your next opponents have finished the first round of matches your next round will begin. Depending on how many rounds you win your team will potentially play until 6 hours after the first round starts. If there are still matches left to be played at that point the matches will continue into Sunday 2nd December at the same starting times.

How many teams can my school enter?
Each school can enter as many teams as they like. Players may only be on the starting roster for one team but may substitute in emergencies for other teams from their school with some notice.

Does my team need to play from school?
We highly recommend playing from school as it helps foster teamwork when all players are physically present as well as allowing the teacher to have input in their team’s development. 
However we also recognise that this won’t always be possible, there are many reasons why playing at school just won’t work for some teams. For this reason playing from school is not mandatory, just very recommended.

As a teacher how do I supervise my team while they play?
If the team plays from school then this should be easy. You can simply watch the team as they play by physically standing near the computers they play on. 
Most teams will use a voice chat program of some kind. This could be Discord, Teamspeak, Skype or one of many other programs. You can talk with your team about how they communicate in game and have them invite you so you can hear how they work as a team.

Registrations are now CLOSED.

What is DOTA 2? Dota 2 is a fast-paced, competitive online game. Millions of people play Dota 2 every day around the world. Two teams of five players compete during the game over different maps and game modes.Dota 2 offers endless replayability for players of every skill level. 
And our passion! The Dota 2 High School League aspires to provide high schoolers with a fun, competitive, and rewarding esports experience, similar to traditional high school sports. We promote esports as a positive experience that opens up sports team building, leadership opportunities and self improvement to a wider range of students outside traditional seasonal field and court sports.
Learning through play. Dota 2 is an example of a strategic game that can enhance students Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics skills (STEM). This link was reinforced by a recent Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology study that found children who play online games are more successful academically.
Don’t be fooled!There’s a persistent myth that videogames are bad for schoolwork. We are working towards changing that with The Dota 2 High School League by ensuring the motivating factor to be eligible is in the effort that they apply to their school work and having fun with friends – this is paramount.
Other than being the coolest!

  • Increased interest in school and academic engagement
  • Higher attendance and academic performance from participating students through mandatory Dota 2 High School League requirements
  • Increased self esteem from students who aren’t interested in physical athletics
  • Positive exposure to both the local community and for the winners the national community
Be kind. We value good sportsmanship, respect, honesty and maturity. During online gameplay, tempers may flare, so our administrators work closely with teams and their supporting teacher to ensure the league remains a clean and mature environment . We enforce and clearly communicate rules to ensure cheating and dishonesty are mitigated.