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League of Legends – Assassin Update Part 2

Posted by tanialpl Nov 04, 2016 in League of Legends

In addition to the four major Assassin champion updates that we covered earlier this week, Riot’s balancing team will also be making smaller changes to six other Assassin champions. While these will not be as large in scope, there will be some quality improvements for both players and opponents (the main goal of this Assassin update).

We’ll also be seeing a few new items and the introduction of a new stat for Assassins.

Minor Champion Updates
While these will not be as large in scope, there will be some quality improvements for both players and opponents. Check out below for the TL:DR on what is changing.

  • Fizz – Some upfront damage will be lowered on his basic spells, but that will be adjusted by a much more potent Ultimate ability now. Fizz’s Shark from Chum the Waters will now grow in size based on the distance traveled.
  • Zed – Zed has had issues with counter play in the past, and Riot is taking this time to once again adjust their favorite shadowy Assassin. Expect some lowering of basic spell damage (just like Fizz), but with a new passive added to Zed’s Ultimate. Upon killing an enemy champion with Death Mark, Zed permanently gains a portion of their attack damage for himself.
  • Akali – Akali has been in a rough spot for years now. Her kit can be abusive when it’s overtuned, but lacks the capability of providing any substance when she falls behind (which is often the case). To help bring some team functionality back to Akali, whenever she uses her Ultimate to blink, a Twilight Shroud will now drop at her original location.
  • Kha’Zix – Riot Games currently feels like the isolation damage in Kha’Zix’s kit is being underutilized. To help boost that feeling of a solo Assassin, Riot will be making changes to Q,W, and R evolution upgrades.
  • Shaco – Our favorite clown on the Rift will also be gaining some quality of life improvements. Shaco’s clone will now drop three Jack in the Boxes when summoned. In addition, when Shaco’s clone dies, any enemies in the nearby vicinity will be feared.
  • Ekko – These changes to Ekko are more to adjust his current identity crisis. Ekko has largely been built as a tankier champion this season, a character trait that Riot prefers not to see on the champion. Ekko’s passive no longer slows, but Chronobreak triggers Parallel Convergence as Ekko travels back through time.

New Stat for Assassins
Current assassin builds revolve around stacking as much armor penetration as possible in order to utilize the burst on their kit most efficiently. Riot feels part of the problem with Assassins is the inability to counter-play that burst. Well, say goodbye to armor penetration and hello to Lethality!

Lethality will replace all armor penetration on current items. While the stat will behave similarly to armor penetration, the penetration will now scale with your opponent’s level. This makes the stat less snowbally in the early game, but provides equal power in the late game (which the new possibility of building more of it now!).

Assassin Item Changes
With the change to Lethality taking place, Riot will be adding some new Assassin items as well as upgrading some now outdated ones. Poacher’s Dirk will encourage Assassins to invade the enemy jungle. Meanwhile, Sorcerer’s Bane will provide Assassins with another tool to defend against mage burst.