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LPL CoD Premiership – Astonish vs 7-Seas

Posted by tanialpl Nov 27, 2016 in Call of Duty

With the first matchup this week, both 7-Seas and Astonish were looking to finally get on the board with some points. Up to this point, all of the series so far have been 5-0 map sweeps. Both of these teams seem to match up well, setting up for what should be a hotly contested matchup.

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Scorch – Mode: Hardpoint

Astonish came out guns blazing on Scorch, picking up five quick kills and securing the early hardpoint. It was Mason “Teraah” Tongiahoe and Dommaneek “Dommy” Kourn leading the way early on for Astonish, picking up 6 and 7 kills, respectively.

7-Seas almost had control of Turbine, but Dommy made sure that didn’t happen. With two hardpoints down, Astonish had an 81-10 lead. It was at the Hangar Operation hardpoint that 7-Seas would finally gain some momentum,  with Luke “Loukas” Weight going on a ridiculous killstreak of 9.

7-Seas was able to take control of Drill, with Loukas going on another kill streak of 4. Bridge was up once again, and Astonish was able to build back their lead at their favorite hardpoint.

Moving to Turbine, it was Astonish in control early on. Astonish’s Sean “Sportsta” Blanchette led all players with 27 kills, but 7-Seas was beginning to player more methodically. They regained Turbine and then moved to Hangar, picking off Sportsta.

Astonish was up 40 points, and a great bombardment at Drill helped them push their lead back to 50 (196-146). Some great frags at Bridge and another great airstrike put the map dangerously in favor of Astonish.

7-Seas had control of Turbine at the next hardpoint, and they were able to pull within 20 points. The score was now 226-197, with a crucial Hangar hardpoint now up. 7-Seas had one more push left, but Hoode was taken down early and Astonish took the win. Teraah ended the match with 40 kills.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Retaliation – Mode: SND

Round one Astonish rushed towards bombsite A, with 7-Seas guessing wrong and camping bombsite B. Astonish was able to then pick off each member of 7-Seas for an easy victory.

7-Seas played round two patiently, getting a few pick kills before planting the bomb. Sportsta couldn’t outplay the 1vs2, resulting in a victory for 7-Seas.

Round three was extremely close, with some great 1vs1 battles. Fittingly, the round ended on a 1vs1, with Sportsta going huge, securing a killstreak of 3 and winning the round for Astonish.

Round four was another patiently fought skirmish. Mitchell “Viper” Horne would go down planting the bomb, leaving only Daniel “Hoode” James alive. Astonish quickly took him down and defused the bomb, going up 3-1.

With 7-Seas really needing a win in round five, it was Trae “Emerge” Brown stepping up and getting two quick kills. Astonish’s Erah was left in a 1vs3 situation, but two clean frags put him in a great position to pull off the improbable feat. Emerge ended up with the clutch kill for 7-Seas, despite Erah having a rewind available (which he questionably did not use).

7-Seas, with new signs of life, got a great rush to bombsite B. Despite a great rewind by Erah, it was 7-Seas tieing up the map 3-3. Round seven was another close game, but Astonish played it superbly at the end, with a clean rotation and bomb plant giving them the win.

Round eight was a dominating win for Astonish, putting them in prime position to take their second map in a row. Round nine, with Astonish having match point, was another clean sweep, taking the round and the map.

Match: – 3/5 Map: Throwback – Mode: Uplink

Astonish scored first, with a great attack to claim the ball, then setting up a great block for an easy dunk.  Dommy made the quick throw a few moment later to give Astonish a 3-0 lead with 3 minutes left in the first half.

Devantae “Erah” Uluvili made a great melee beatdown on 7-Sea’s Hoode before finishing with another two point dunk. Teraah get involved a few moments later, getting a dunk of his own and extending Astonish’s lead to 7-0. It would remain that way for the rest of the first half.

Viper was milliseconds from scoring for 7-Seas before Dommy took him down right at the goal. Two minutes left in the second half, 7-Seas finally scored to make it 7-2. Just 20 seconds later, it was Viper getting the dunk to add two more points for 7-Seas.

Astonish made a clutch dunk with a minute left, making it 9-4 and ending 7-Seas recent momentum. That would remain the score, as Astonish took map three with relative ease.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Precinct – Mode: Hardpoint

7-Seas demolished Astonish in the very first minute of map four, coming out with a bang as Astonish attempted to hard rush the middle of the map. Astonish would get some points, but 7-Seas was up 37-11 heading to Tickets.

Astonish gained control of the next hardpoint, but 7-Seas was right there. Loukas led the way with a 9-2 KD. Construction was the third hardpoint, with Astonish being the first to gain control. They would hold that for the entirety of the hardpoint, taking the lead from 7-Seas 86-66.

Emerge was the first to Charging Station, finally going off for 7-Seas. Astonish was able to gain some points on an excellent offensive push, but 7-Seas was able to close within 6.

Park was a hotly contested hardpoint, with 7-Seas regaining the lead for the first 30 seconds. Astonish would take control for the last 20 seconds, giving them a 126-111 lead. Rotating back to Lobby, Astonish was already in place to hold down their position. Some great defense by Teraah pushed Astonish’s lead to 156-125. 7-Seas had control of Tickets, but Erah’s 7 killstreak put Astonish back in control.

Construction was up next, with Viper’s 6 killstreak helping 7-Seas initially gain control. They would trade a few kills, but it was 199-167, in favor of Astonish heading to Charging Station. Astonish would hold down this hardpoint to gain a 232-174 lead.

Teraah made sure that Astonish never gave up their lead, winning 250-183.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Scorch – Mode: SND

Erah started off Astonish in excellent control of round one, taking two quick kills before Hoode took him down. Astonish would pin down the rest of 7-Seas at bombsite B, ending the round quickly with a win.

Round two was much the same, with Erah getting two quick kills once again. Just like last round, Astonish pinned down 7-Seas to take their second win in a row.

7-Seas finally got on the board in round three, gaining a 3vs1 advantage early on. Teraah almost made the play, but it was Viper getting the clutch kill in the end. Round four was over in a flash, with Astonish regaining momentum and going up 3-1.

Loukas was huge in round five, getting first blood on a great grenade and then another kill seconds later. 7-Seas caught Dommy trying to sneak the defuse, ending the round fairly quickly.

Round six was more of Astonish showing their dominance once again. Astonish charged down the hallway, ending the round in less than a minute. Round seven was much of the same, with another aggressive push by Astonish ending the round in less than 30 seconds.

Astonish was now on match point, up 5-2. Sportsta made sure this would be the last round, getting 3 kills and single handedly winning the last round for Astonish.

Once again we have Astonish winning 5-0, our sixth straight matchup that has ended in a 5-0 victory. 7-Seas will have to wait until the weekend to get another chance at finding their first victory this season.