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LPL CoD Premiership – Astonish vs Crucial

Posted by tanialpl Dec 12, 2016 in Call of Duty

In our second to last matchup of the weekend, it was Astonish versus Crucial battling it out one last time. Crucial entered this matchup looking for a win for captain Tohara “TGreig” Greig. Meanwhile Astonish, led by Devantae “Erah” Uluvili and Mason “Teraah” Tongiahoe, were looking for more points.

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: Hardpoint

Train Platform was a fragfest, with both teams battling heavily. Crucial was the first to Barn, but the hardpoint changed hands multiple times. Astonish was the first to Bike Path, finally building a small lead.

Crucial made some great plays at Baseball Field to close within 10 points, but Astonish took the last 20 seconds to make it 75-65. Some great defense by Crucial’s Philip “Chaoticflow” Aiuna helped his team take Lime initially, but Astonish was able to grab the last 30 seconds.

Astonish’s duo was beginning to take over at Barn, with Teraah going on a 6 killstreak. It was Erah’s turn at Barn next, securing the hardpoint to give Astonish a demanding lead (now 165-90).

At Bike Path Teraah just went off again, going on a 9 killstreak. Astonish now had a 100 point lead as the teams headed to Baseball Field. At the next hardpoint, Astonish was in control, just needing 4 points at Lime to claim the map. They did just that, winning 250-97.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

Round one was all about trades, leaving Chaoticflow in a 1vs2. He couldn’t pull it out, giving Astonish the win.

Crucial was now on the offense in round two, pushing to bombsite B early on. After a couple trades, the bomb would go down and a 2vs2 showdown began. Teraah was able to make it a 1vs1 after his teammate went down, but he didn’t have enough time to defuse the bomb and kill Chaoticflow.

A great rotation by Crucial in round three gave them their second win in a row. Crucial would get the bomb plant down in round four, but it was Astonish getting the ace and defuse.

Round five came down to a 1vs1 showdown between Astonish’s Dommaneek “Dommy” Kourn and Crucial’s Josh “Hidden_Horizon” Hanna. Hidden_Horizon won the battle and defused the bomb to give Crucial a 3-2 lead.

Dommy went off in round six, getting three kills in the first 30 seconds. Hidden_Horizon was a hunted man, getting taken down by Teraah as he went to plant the bomb. It was now 3-3. Round seven was more of Dommy dominance, getting two more kills. He led all players with an 11-4 KD.

Astonish was beginning to flex their strength in Search and Destroy. Dommy would pick up two more kills (an unofficial 7 streak) in round eight, giving Astonish match point up 5-3. Astonish would get an early bomb plant in round nine, but it was Crucial’s TGreig getting two kills to make it 5-4.

Astonish went all out in round ten, picking up numerous payloads. Some great frags let them win the round, picking up their second map.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Precinct – Mode: Uplink

Dommy struck first in the game, picking up a beautiful dunk after a great rush to the goal. Dommy was patient for the next 30 seconds, holding the ball before finding a break to get another dunk. Just moments later, Dommy got a great throw right before he died to make it 5-0 in favor of Astonish.

Sean “Sportsta” Blanchette and Teraah got involved next for Astonish, picking up two consecutive dunks to make it 9-0. Sportsta got his second dunk with 35 seconds left in the first half, followed by another score by Teraah. The first half ended 15-0.

Astonish was fine playing the second half in a more slower, defensive fashion. The second half ended 23-0, a complete blowout of Crucial.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

Crucial could just not find any breaks in this matchup, as Sportsta came out on Frost with guns blazing. A 5 killstreak helped his team hold down Ridge early, going up 29-14. Cryo was hotly contested, with Deviousflow going on a 3 killstreak, followed by Hidden_Horizon going on a 3 killstreak as well.

Heading to Research, Crucial had a 52-42 lead. Some great plays early let them take control, but that was traded to Astonish later on. Robot Bay went to Astonish, with Dommy going on a 9 killstreak and picking up the Warden.

Astonish was able to dominate Ridge, taking a 168-70 lead. Chaoticflow hit a real rut, and it hurt Crucial badly. Astonish had complete control of Cryo and Research, winning the map 250-119.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: SND

Astonish attacked first in round one, but it was Crucial pinning them down to take the round one win. Round two was all about Dommy and Teraah, picking up two kills each and defusing the bomb to make it 1-1.

Astonish had a quick bomb plant in round three, camping the bombsite and taking out Crucial one by one to take a 2-1 lead. Despite an aggressive bomb plant by Crucial, round four was a clean sweep for Astonish, getting the defuse.

Astonish rushed bombsite B in round five, catching Crucial off guard initially. Crucial was able to push through their defense though, killing them off and defusing the bomb.

Round six was over in 30 seconds, with Astonish getting some great kills. Teraah was the catalyst in round seven, getting three kills and out maneuvering the 1vs2. Crucial wasn’t ready to stop playing though, getting a great plant in round eight, pushing it to 5-3.

The final round saw a great flank by Erah, ending the map.

The loss means that Crucial is now out of the competition.