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LPL CoD Premiership – Beyond vs Astonish

Posted by tanialpl Nov 22, 2016 in Call of Duty

In our first matchup of the weekend, we had Beyond, mentored by Jazz Tevaga of the Vodafone Warriors, playing against Astonish, mentored by Roger Tuivasa-Sheck.

One of the key players to watch from this series will be Beyond’s AR player, Rene “Zeuss_49” Corporaal. Astonish’s Mason “Teraahbl” Tongiahoe was also highly touted.

You can checkout all of the LPL Call of Duty Premiership matches on Letsplay.live’s Twitch channel or live weekly on SKY TV and Twitch.tv.

Match: 1/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

Both Zeuss_49 and Astonish’s Sean “Sportssta101” Blanchette picked up the KBS Longbow, a bolt action sniper rifle that can kill in one shot to the head, neck, chest, and lower torso.

With Hardpoint on Frost the first map up, it was Beyond’s Nathan “baaaacabec” Munro who ran out to a quick 5-1 kill streak. Astonish’s captain, Dommaneek “DommyNz” Kourn, looked to keep pace with a 3-1 kill advantage early on as well.

Beyond quickly took a 43-23 lead with 4:36 remaining – joining DommyNz at 7 kills each was Zeuss_49 and Kainen “SwiftazOr” Kini for Beyond. Moving to the second Hardpoint, the submarine, Astonish was able to pull within 10 points, 69-58.

Beyond continued to lead in kills, but Astonish was holding steady, with each member over 10 kills as well. Beyond was just too strong on the next hardpoint though, starting to take control of this map 120-69. Beyond’s Giancarlo “NimbleNimble” Vagnini and baaaacabec each led the way with 23 kills apiece.

A great streak by NimbleNimble pushed Beyond to a 100 point lead on Frost. That lead would never be challenged, with Beyond taking map one 250-136.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

Round one on Crusher saw Beyond quickly run out to bombsite B for a quick plant. Astonish was caught off guard, with no members around. However, Astonish was able to battle their way back, defusing the bomb in time to take the victory.

Beyond took a clean sweep in round two tying the map up 1-1. Zeuss_49 took over round three, securing a second straight win for Beyond. Great communication by Beyond made a pick play by Astonish look silly.

Beyond carried their momentum to round four, finding Astonish’s movements early in the map and picking up some quick kills. Beyond was now up 3-1. In round five, Beyond’s NimbleNimble picked up some amazing kills, pushing his team’s winning streak to four.

Astonish found the bomb plant in round six, but Beyond was too good, picking off all of Astonish’s members before defusing the bomb. With match point on the line, Beyond made a quick bomb plant. Astonish’s Mason “teraahbl” Tongiahoe made the 1vs3 play to defuse the bomb, keeping his team in the match.

Up 5-2, Beyond still had match point in round eight. Beyond made quick work of Astonish this time, winning 6-2 while catching Astonish trying to plant the bomb.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Mayday – Mode: Uplink

The third map was hotly contested early on, with Astonish’s teraahbl leading the way with an 8-3 K/D ratio. Beyond’s SwiftrazOr was keeping pace at 6-4. Teraahbl was also able to score to put Astonish on the board.

Up 2-1, Beyond was looking to make a play bottom side. After some back and forth, Beyond was able to score another two points, pushing the lead to 4-1. That was the end of the first half.

In the second half, Beyond was able to score another quick two points. Astonish was having a difficult time just securing the ball. A handoff by Zeuss_49 to SwiftazOr gave Beyond another two points.

It was all Beyond the rest of this map. Two quick dunks put Beyond up 12-1, easily running away with the win 22-1 (going 18-0 in the second half).

Match: 4/5 – Map: Breakout – Mode: Hardpoint

With a 3-0 map lead, Beyond was looking really good so far. Astonish had a difficult time just getting out of spawn, with Beyond looking like they were in full control. Teraahbl was looking the exact opposite of his name, trying as best he could to just get Astonish on the board.

Beyond was up 80-7 after the first Hardpoint was secured. Baaaacabec was looking great on this map, leading the way for Beyond with a 17-4 K/D ratio.

Map four was never even a contest, with each member of Beyond going over 20 kills. Beyond ended with a 250-56 advantage.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: SND

Could Astonish take a map off of Beyond? It wasn’t looking promising, with their last chance coming up.

Round one went quickly to Beyond, with Astonish not able to even get the bomb planted. Round two also went to Beyond, with a great wall run by NimbleNimble to secure the round for his team.

Round three Astonish was able to pick off NimbleNimble very quickly. It came down to a 1vs1, with baaaacabec facing off against Astonish’s Devantae “ErahlV” Uluvili. Baaaacabec was able to plant the bomb, but ErahlV made a great wall jump play to take the kill and defuse the bomb.

It was another 1vs1 showdown between baaaacabec and ErahlV in round four. ErahlV perhaps used his rewind too soon, but was still able to plant the bomb. However, baaaacabec was able to take him down and secure the defuse.

Beyond was now up 3-1 heading into round five, but Astonish won some great gun fights to pick up the round, making this map once against contestable. A fast bomb plant by Astonish in round six was defuse by Beyond.

Up 4-2, Beyond was taking control of this map once again. Some great plays by SwiftazOr pushed Beyond to match point.

Astonish kept themselves alive by winning round eight, but Beyond was just too much for them. A great bomb plant in the next round by Beyond allowed them to secure the match, taking all five maps.