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LPL CoD Premiership – Beyond vs Crucial

Posted by tanialpl Nov 28, 2016 in Call of Duty

Beyond is one of the top two teams at this tournament, currently tied for first place. Crucial is still looking for their first points of the tournament. Can they get it tonight as heavy underdogs?

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Scorch – Mode: Hardpoint

Rene “Zeuss_49” Corporaal opened up map one with three quick kills, helping Beyond grab quick control of Bridge. Turbine was up next, and yet again it was Beyond showing their supremacy. Both Zeuss_49 and Nathan “baaaacabec” Munro were leading the way with 10 and 7 kills, respectively.

Beyond was up 82-14 heading to Hangar Operation. Crucial would start with initial control, but it was Beyond coming in strong once again. After three hardpoints, Beyond was up 124-26.

Beyond had control of Drill from the start, with Zeuss_49 going on a 7 killstreak. Kainen “SwiftazOr” Kini would outdo his teammate, going on a 9 killstreak. Beyond never let go of Drill, and they were also first to Bridge.

Beyond was up a demanding 222-30 as the teams headed to Turbine. Baaaacabec was on a killstreak of 8, with Giancarlo “NimbleNimble” Vagnini right behind with a 6 killstreak. Beyond would end it quickly afterwards, securing a 250-30 victory.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Retaliation – Mode: SND

Round one was all Beyond, with baaaacabec securing two quick kills. The second round ended in literally 20 seconds, with no Beyond players dieing once in round one or two.

Round three was a bit slower, with Beyond taking the slow plant at bombsite B. Beyond picked off Crucial’s remaining three members from there, going up 3-0.

Crucial had a great chance in round three, with Alan “DeviiousFlow” Simona and Josh “Hidden_Horizon” Hanna up against SwiftazOr in the 2vs1. However, it was SwiftazOr picking up both clutch kills to put Beyond up 4-0.

Round five was another great chance for Crucial to get on the board, with Philip “Chaoticflow” Aiuna and DeviiousFlow up against NimbleNimble in the 2vs1 situation. NimbleNimble was able to quickly dispatch of DeviiousFlow, giving us a 1vs1 showdown. Chaoticflow was able to get the kill on NimbleNimble and finally win the round for Crucial.

Still up 4-1, round six was more of Beyond showing their team dominance, picking up a quick win. Round seven was another clean win for Beyond, winning the map 6-1.

Match: – 3/5 Map: Throwback – Mode: Uplink

Crucial came out strong in the early game, with both Hidden_Horizon and DeviiousFlow gaining 3 quick kills. Beyond would be the first to score 1:30 into the first half, with NimbleNimble securing the dunk.

Beyond’s first score would open up the floodgates, with Zuess_49 scoring two quick dunks in succession. SwiftrazOr scored next, putting Beyond up 8-0. Baaaacabec was last for Beyond to score, putting his team up 10-0. Zeuss_49 went on a nice killstreak of 5, as Beyond looked confident in holding out for the rest of the first half.

The second half was more of the same, with Beyond going up 16-0 in the first minute. Tohara “TGreig” Greig would pick up 2 points for Crucial, but it was Beyond winning 22-2 in dominating fashion.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Precinct – Mode: Hardpoint

Lobby was the first hardpoint, with DeviiousFlow going on a 7 killstreak to help Crucial keep it even early on. Beyond would claim the the last 20 seconds however, going up 40-12 as the teams entered Tickets.

After dominating the second hardpoint, both teams made a mad scramble to Construction. It was Beyond getting there just in time to set up a great defense, with SwiftrazOr now leading the way 13-5.

Beyond was up 125-12 as the Charging Station went live. It was Beyond once again in control, overpowering Crucial. Beyond wouldn’t relinquish their cutthroat hold over the map, with SwiftrazOr, baaaacabec, and NimbleNimble each having 17 kills.

With Beyond in full control of Lobby, it was Beyond absolutely demolishing Crucial, winning 250-24.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Scorch – Mode: SND

Beyond was able to get off a quick bomb plant in round one, holding off at bombsite B. Crucial’s slow rotation was a tactical mistake that allowed Beyond to win the match.

Round two was a much closer game, with Crucial having a 2vs1 advantage. After NimbleNimble was able to take down Hidden_Horizon, it was now a 1vs1 with just ChaoticFlow left. NimbleNimble made a wrong guess on the bombsite, allowing for ChaoticFlow to find prime position to get a victory.

Beyond was able to grab two quick kills in round three, planting the bomb and playing textbook defense for the easy win. An aggressive push by Beyond in round four resulted in a 2vs2. Zeuss_49 was able to pick off the two remaining players of Crucial to put Beyond up 3-1.

Round five was another dominating performance by Beyond, winning the 2vs1 in easy fashion. SwiftazOr led the way 8-1. Another clean sweep in round six had Beyond up 5-1 with four straight match points coming up.

Round seven was a great round for Chaoticflow, picking up three kills, but baaaacabec was there to end the round in Beyond’s favor.

With the 5-0 sweep, Beyond now joined Incept and Slicer at 12 points in the LPL Call of Duty Premiership.