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LPL CoD Premiership – Beyond vs Incept

Posted by tanialpl Dec 02, 2016 in Call of Duty

Wednesday’s night matchup this week features Beyond, one of the top two teams here at the LPL Call of Duty Premiership, against Incept, a dark horse in this tournament.

This would be Beyond’s last matchup before a crucial showdown against Slicer, the other contender in the LPL CoD Premiership. Meanwhile, Incept was looking to catch Beyond looking forward and grab a marquee win.

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Match: 1/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: Hardpoint

Train Platform was in full control by Beyond, with Nathan “bacabec” Munro going on a 4 killstreak to reach 7-2. Incept would keep Barn relatively close, with Rory “Cruze” Hunn going on a 3 killstreak.

Bike Path was another hotly contested hardpoint, with Incept’s Ashu “Sezleyy” Poudel helping keep his team in contention on this map. Baseball Field was all Beyond though, with Rene “Zeuss_49” Corporaal going on a 7 killstreak.

Lime was another really great gun fight, but it was Beyond taking a 124-53 lead. Incept was able to initially hold Barn, with Jacob “JayTex” Reeves-Parmenter going on a 4 killstreak. Beyond would take the last 30 seconds though.

Bike Path was all Beyond, as multiple members went on killstreaks (both Zeuss and bacabec went on 8 killstreaks). It was Beyond in control of Baseball Field once again moments later.

Heading to Lime, Beyond held a commanding 236-86 lead. Incept would hold temporary control of the hardpoint, but it was Beyond winning the map 250-103. Zeuss would go for a ridiculous 49 kills.

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

Round one was extremely close, with the unfortunate mishaps of Kainen “SwiftazOr” Kini falling off of the map leaving bacabec in a 1vs2 situation. Bacabec would quickly find West “Zovacx” Clinton to setup a 1vs1 showdown between Sezleyy. Bacabec would win the gun fight, giving the round to Beyond.

The map was proving to be tough in round two as well, with Incept’s Sezleyy falling off the map this time. Beyond would take the easy win after that. Great communication in round three would give Beyond a 3-0 lead.

Round four was much closer, with Incept finding a 3vs2 advantage. After trading kills, SwiftazOr would kill Cruze to setup a 1vs1 against Incept’s zovacx. SwiftazOr would find the kill just in time to defuse the bomb with three seconds remaining.

Round five was a clean sweep of Beyond, going up 5-0 with five straight match points incoming. Beyond would only need one game though, finding another clean sweep.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Precinct – Mode: Uplink

Incept had a great start to this map, with Sezleey going on a 6 killstreak while he grabbed the ball. Cruze would get the dunk to give Incept a 2-0 lead. Despite SwiftazOr starting out 1-5 in the first two minutes, he would respond for Beyond to make it 2-2.

Some nice defense by Incept prevented Beyond from scoring again, and Cruze made a quick counter attack to give Incept a 4-2 lead. Zeuss would tie it up again just moments later.

Beyond would scored a second dunk with 1:10 left in the first half, with the score remaining 6-4 at halftime. Bacabec was leading the way for Beyond with 17 kills, not to be outdone by Incept’s zovacx with 18 kills.

Zeuss was the first to score in the second half, getting off a nice throw to increase Beyond’s lead to 7-4. Incept’s Cruze scored a great dunk after Sezleyy took down two Beyond members. Beyond was only up 7-6 with 2:20 left.

Incept was so close to getting another dunk, but it was Beyond with some great defense. Bacabec was huge for Beyond, going over 7 kills. Another dunk by Cruze put Incept up 8-7 with under a minute to go.

Bacabec would get a dunk in just moments before he died, giving Beyond the lead again. Beyond would hold the ball for the remaining 30 seconds, narrowly winning the map 9-8.

Match: 4/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

Incept’s Cruze started off with the first two kills of the map, but Beyond would come back to take control of Ridge. Heading to the second hardpoint, Cryo, Beyond had a 30-14 lead.

The third hardpoint was Research, another hotly contested area. It was bacabec this time going off, getting a 3 killstreak and helping Beyond secure the hardpoint. SwiftazOr would again fall of the map.

Beyond would hold firm control of the map, as they led 151-50 as the teams headed back to Cyro. Bacabec continued to lead all players with a 33-17 KD, despite Incept’s JayTex having 27 kills.

Robot Bay and Bridge would once again be dominated by Beyond, winning the map 250-93.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: SND

Round one was the bacabec show, as he took down three members of Incept for an easy win. Sezleyy wound find bacabec early in round two, but it wouldn’t matter. Zovacx couldn’t outplay the 1vs2.

Up 2-0, round three was a quick win for Beyond, only losing one member. Round four was much the same, as only Zeuss would die for Beyond.

Beyond now had a commanding 4-0 lead, and Incept just couldn’t get anything going. Round five was another easy win for Beyond, only losing one member. The last round was perhaps Beyond’s cleanest, ending the round without losing one member.

Beyond wins the map 6-0, taking all five maps in this match as well. They’ll face Slicer later this weekend in what will be the match of the week.