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LPL CoD Premiership – Beyond vs Slicer

Posted by tanialpl Dec 12, 2016 in Call of Duty

This was the match that everyone was looking forward to. Clearly these were the top two teams, with the winner taking 1st place heading to the playoffs. Beyond has looked completely dominant in this tournament, but how would they handle their toughest competition yet?

Remember, you can check out all of the LPL Call of Duty Premiership matches on Letsplay.live’s Twitch channel or live weekly on SKY TV and Twitch.tv.

Match: 1/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: Hardpoint

Beyond jumped out to 10 quick kills, taking Train Platform early. They were up 27-3 heading to the next hardpoint, Barn, where it was Beyond still in control. Bike Path was another great hardpoint, but it was Beyond getting an ace and Nathan “baaaacabec” Munro going on a 4 killstreak.

Slicer’s Reef “YKEminence” Galloway was starting to get going as the teams headed to Baseball Field, going on a 3 killstreak. His teammate, Dean “Dean2G” Beldzinski, would also go on a 4 killstreak to help Slicer get back into this map.

Slicer was first to Lime, down 59-93. However, Beyond was able to rush on the hill. After some trading between both teams, it was Beyond up 135-96 as the teams headed to Barn. YKEminence was able to hold it down for Slicer in the first 20 seconds, but Beyond was able to get some great positioning to keep their lead.

Bike Path and Baseball Field were both hotly contested, with neither team wanting to give an inch after Beyond’s great start. Slicer’s Ryan “killerpie” Wallath went on a 7 killstreak at the Baseball Field, giving it entirely to Slicer to make it 190-152.

Slicer was the first to Lime, trying to close that final 30 point gap. YKEminence again was going on a tear, closing in on 40 kills. After Lime, Beyond had a 209-182 lead. Train Platform was the next crucial hardpoint up, with both teams contending. Beyond was able to finally taking control, going up 229-191.

Beyond ended it at Barn, with Dean2G making sure his team won 250-207.’

Match: 2/5 – Map: Crusher – Mode: SND

Beyond took control of round one, as Rene “Zeuss_49” Corporaal picked up 3 kills. Round two was over in a flash, with Beyond now going up 2-0.

Beyond was now on the offensive in round three, with Giancarlo “NimbleNimble” Vagnini pushing the pace. Baaaacabec was able to flank around from bombsite A, cleaning up Slicer to go up 3-0.

Slicer finally got on the board in round four, getting the bomb down and then picking off the Beyond members as they funneled in. Round five was another quick win for Beyond, with some excellent positioning by Kainen “SwiftazOr” Kini.

Slicer was able to pick off two members of Beyond before planting the bomb in round six. It left a 1vs3 for SwiftazOr. YKEminence would take him down, giving Slicer their second win.

After trading kills, it was 1vs1 between Zuess_49 and YKEminence. YKEminence won the fight, defusing the bomb to make it 3-4. Round eight was close once again, with a 1vs1 between Dean2G and NimbleNimble. Dean2G would win to tie the map up at 4-4.

This was a crucial round, and it was YKEminence just going off, getting three kills. Slicer was now up 5-4, with match point up next. Beyond was very patient in round 10, waiting for Slicer to make mistakes. Baaaacabec made sure that this was sent to a decisive round 11.

After numerous payloads were used, one of the closest rounds of this tournament went to Zeuss_49 and Beyond. Beyond wins 6-5 in some of the most exciting Call of Duty we’ve seen.

Match: 3/5 – Map: Precinct – Mode: Uplink

Zeuss_49 came out strong in Uplink, continuing his momentum from the last map. He went on a 4 and 3 killstreak in concession, allowing NimbleNimble to get two dunks to make it 4-0 Beyond.

Baaaacabec would get a dunk with about three minutes left in the first half, putting Beyond up 6-0. YKEminence would get a quick throw in to get Slicer on the board finally.

The first half ended with some excitement, as baaaacabec got a quick dunk right before halftime to make it 8-1.

The second half was a huge defensive battle and war of attrition. Beyond showed superior positioning, toying with Slicer by blocking access to the ball. Beyond would score once more, winning the map 9-1

Match: 4/5 – Map: Frost – Mode: Hardpoint

It’s clear that Beyond knows how to start Hardpoint maps in as dominating a fashion as possible. They held a 28-10 lead after Ridge as the teams headed to Cryo. They would build that lead up to 58-29.

The third hardpoint, Research, was all Beyond early on. Zeuss_49 would go on a 4 killstreak. Robot Bay went to Slicer early, but Beyond was on the hill quickly. The next two hardpoints were hotly contested, and Slicer was able to keep the point differential within 40.

Killerpie was huge in Research, getting slicer to within 15 points. Robot Bay was up next though, a hardpoint Beyond has controlled so far this map. Slicer was playing with a lot of confidence though, and they kept it close.

Ridge was as contested a hardpoint we’ve seen. Slicer took a brief lead, with both teams trading control for the remainder of the hardpoint. Slicer were the first to Cryo as well, going up by 20 points. Guy “Guydra” Worthington was huge, picking up a killstreak of 4 and helping build a strong defensive presence on the hill.

Research was where Beyond caught up, making it 236-234. Beyond was the first to Robot Bay, as the points ticked down. Slicer tried desperately to contend, but Beyond ended up winning the map 250-234.

Match: 5/5 – Map: Throwback – Mode: SND

Round one was an amazing round for Beyond, with Zeuss_49 getting three kills. Slicer bounced back in round two, getting a quick win.

An amazing sniper shot by Zeuss_49 in round three helped Beyond take a 2-1 lead. Round four was another dominating performance by Beyond, rushing towards Slicer’s position and taking them all out.

Slicer struck back in round five, with killerpie finding Zeuss_49 for the win. With the map 3-2, round six was more slower paced. SwiftazOr was too much though, picking up three kills.

Killerpie was left in a 1vs2 situation in round seven, but he couldn’t pull it out for Slicer. Beyond was now up 5-2. Slicer kept their hopes alive in round eight, with a great 1vs1 win by killerpie against NimbleNimble.

Round nine was another 1vs1 situation between YKEminence and NimbleNimble. YKEminence caught NimbleNimble running by, giving Slicer new life. Another great round by Slicer tied this map up 5-5.

Could Slicer finally break the 5-0 curse here at the LPL CoD Premiership? It came down to a 2vs2, and YKEminence made sure it was Slicer winning the map. That’s right, Slicer comes back to win the map 6-5.

This was the first matchup that did not end in a 5-0, with Beyond winning 4-1. We can’t wait to see these two teams play again in the playoffs!